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25 Jul 2024, Edition - 3299, Thursday

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10 Things To Do On A Date Instead Of Going To A Restaurant



We have all been there haven’t we? Can’t decide where to go for a date. Torn between keeping it simple yet romantic, making it unconventional, and impressing their pants off (no pun intended).

Although going to a restaurant is a classic, many will agree that in the present time, it is more of an unspoken widely accepted trend.

Ergo, to break the trend (and the monotony) how about trying something unconventional to start off with the right amount of charm?

1. Plan a picnic

Picture this: a packed lunch, some sangria, you and your date out in the open, lounging under the sun somewhere calm and green. Bonus tip: take a board game along.

2. Go to a planetarium

I can safely say that the only sky full of stars you will get in a metro city is if you play the Coldplay song, or if you leave the city altogether. Then there are planetariums. Won’t that be a good date or what?

3. Take a culture walk

India boasts of a being a cultural country, and for a good measure too. Pick a cultural spot in your city and get exploring with your loved one. As you explore the city, you explore each other too.

4. Or a walk through a park

Remember the magic Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant created in that garden scene in Notting Hill? Enough said.

5. Go ice skating

I know this is a limited option, but still a fun idea to consider. Much brews over a rink as you skate together, holding hands, giggling and stumbling.

6. Go to a museum

You both may not be art connoisseurs but it is never too late to go a museum and hone those latent critic skills as you discover each other’s’ tastes.

7. Or a monument

India boasts of many of those as well. Plus, they do great things for your Instagram account.

8. Take a drive to the outskirts of the city

Murthal, Lonavala, Nandi Hills, and so many more places are only two hours’ drive from various metropolitan cities. Make a day out of it, and trust me, your partner will love the tiny excursion.

9. Indulge in some adventure sports

Get adventurous on a date and pump that date with some adrenaline. Paintball, anyone? Or maybe artificial rock climbing?

10. Go to an art exhibition, gig or a play

If you don’t want to get too experimental, and yet offbeat there are a lot of music gigs, theatre plays, exhibitions and stand-up comedy performances that happen through the week.

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