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22 Jul 2024, Edition - 3296, Monday

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  • High Court on the three criminal laws: Laws may cause confusion among the public.Govt should have consulted the legal Commission before implementing it.
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5 Tips To Effectively Manage Your Time In Office



Even though you have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce and Oprah Winfrey, why does it feel like you’re running short? It’s probably because you aren’t managing your time as well as them. Especially at work, you can end up whittling hours away so when it’s dark and the office is empty, you still have mountains of work to complete. If this sounds anything like you, try these tips to manage your time better as it can boost productivity, help finish work on time and make the day go smoothly.

1. Divide Your Time

If you find yourself with 10 tasks in a day, allocate a slab of time to each task. Try to get it done in that time frame; if not, move on to the next task and come back to the remaining work later. In that way, most of your work is completed without the sudden realization that there’s a lot left to do at day end.

2. Restrict Breaks

Breaks are important to clear your head space and change your environment but note how frequent and long your breaks are. If you end up gabbing with your co-workers every time you go to the washroom, you’re wasting far too many minutes. Instead, allow yourself a limited number of breaks for eating, chatting, taking walks etc. for short intervals through the day to cut down on time wasted.

3. Decide Your Lunch

You may wonder what the co-relation is between preparing lunch and saving time. If you go to work without a packed lunch or a pre-decided idea of what you’re ordering, you can end up spending far too much time deciding on what to eat. A set plan won’t waste time on picking your meal, time which should be spent working.

4. Delegate Responsibilities

Because of taking on too much or ownership of control, many often find it difficult to delegate duties to their subordinates. However even giving smaller tasks can not only lighten the load but also enables individuals to use their time more effectively, rather than scrambling between too many things.

5. Don’t Split Your Attention

One of the most important ways to manage your time is to give your full attention to whatever you’re doing. Mute notifications on your phone, stop texting and close the shopping website on your browser. The more you concentrate, the quicker you can get done with your task at hand.

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