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24 Apr 2024, Edition - 3207, Wednesday

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7 Ways To Reduce Waste In Your Home



Going for a coffee run or picking up a new product may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to the environment. The amount of waste you generate is very important as it directly impacts the planet and its land, water and air. Through the years, humans haven’t spared a thought about the trash they generate, leading to climate changes and degradation of the environment. It’s about time that changed. Add these seven ways to your daily life to reduce the waste generated by your household. Because if we really do plan to save planet Earth, it will only happen one step at a time.

1. Bottle It Up

Don’t buy bottled water, unless it’s an emergency. If you are travelling anywhere, be it on vacation or to the gym, carry a reusable water bottle or mason jar with you as it can be filled at any water filter without any waste being created.

2. Don’t Toss It

The next time you find a rip, a torn seam or few missing buttons on your clothes, don’t just throw it away because you got it at a heavy discount. Landfills across the world are filled with old clothes made of fabrics which won’t degrade easily. Instead, give it to your tailor to repair and get more use out of it. When clothes cannot be worn anymore, use them as rags in the house.

3. Bag It

A very important practice to follow when you go to grocery store is to carry your own cloth tote. You may not realise it but every shop you visit is wrapping your goods in plastic bags and even a single trip adds up quite a bit. Avoid this by shopping with your own reusable bags and keeping a few sets at home, your work desk and your office bag.

4. Go DIY

Every lipstick, shampoo and face wash you use generates thousands of kilos of plastic in just a few months. While it may not be possible to skip beauty staples altogether, consider DIY recipes for products you can make at home like scrubs and masks. It may seem small but it is many small steps together that make a big difference.

5. Skip The Mail

It’s 2018 and almost everything is possible on a computer. While many of us still love the feel of a newspaper with our coffee in the morning, cut down on other sources of unnecessary mail. Pay your bills through apps, read your favourite magazines online and unsubscribe unwanted mailers and pamphlets to avoid the waste of paper.

6. Reuse When You Can

Carry your own to-go tumbler for your next cuppa at a coffee shop. It is encouraged at many chains and some of them, like Starbucks even offer discounts when you do. Even at the food court, carry your own cutlery so that you can at least cut down on some part of the plastic ware being served.

7. Avoid Wastage

Wastage of food is a global problem that needs to be addressed. Stop wasting food in your home by purchasing groceries once every week and cooking in smaller quantities so that ingredients don’t spoil and food is consumed quickly rather than remaining for weeks and spoiling.

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