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25 Feb 2024, Edition - 3148, Sunday

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Health & Lifestyle

Exciting sex trends that you may be interested in

Indrani Thakurata


When we think of sex, pleasure; we think of men. We have always associated pleasure, fun and to be satisfied with men. Women still don’t voice their liking for sex publicly. But thankfully, things are changing bit by bit. The future of the sex space is getting exciting according to the Bryony Cole, host of a very popular podcast. Pleasure products are being made keeping in mind the women population. So, when both man and a woman is seeking fun and love in the bed, then they are bound to experiment `with postures and equipments. Here are some hot trends that you could experiment with.

Marinate: We all know what marinating is; just being there without any action. So, if you want to be lazy and intimate, then just be with each other naked lying and marinating. The penis marinates in the vagina without doing much. This is a hot trend this year.

Ass fun: Some of us get very excited to hear of butts and some get wrong ideas.  Butts may give you ideas of stink and waste but for many, it is place that arouses excitement.  So, explore the sensitivity that the butt area offers for some great act and fun, don’t avoid it like you have been doing all this while.

Aquagasm.  This is a super cool device. This adult toy latches directly onto your shower head and change the way you look at shower heads forever.

3D print toys: If you want something more exciting than the stores can give you, make your own. These are the times of the internet and great technology, so make best use of it.  Go and make 3D printed toys that excites you with its colour, size and shape.

Gender bender toys.  These days, the only way to be is; being gender neutral. And yes, ofcourse apply this to your bedroom as well.  Kick off the stereotype with gender neutral toys  and use it as you please. A very good example of the same is the Transformer from PicoGong.

Virtual Reality: Tech companies all around can’t get enough of virtual reality.  Enjoy some good VR films along with toys that are meant to pleasure you.

Pegging.  This act isn’t for the faint hearted. Before you jump to conclusions, pegging is a role reversal during penetration. For this, you need to strap up and have fun. An advice for men, if you can shed your notion of manliness for some adventurous joy, this is for you. While women, you know how to have fun.

Vibrating condoms:  It is always better to be safe than sorry.  But just because you are being safe doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fun.  And, this is exactly why you should use the vibrating condoms, they add that touch of sensuality while you are at it. “There are many products that have existed for decades that are getting a touch up, like; rabbit.  And innovations are only going to make it more exciting,” says an enthusiast. He adds, “Look at how world is changing. People are more comfortable in their skin. They are embracing naked yoga, and many other sensual ways of partying. The prediction are: the fantasy apps and sites will increase with the rise in stress.”

Karezza.  This can sound like a weird name, but it is exactly what we aim sex to be.  When we indeed want to love and enjoy each second of each other, then we don’t want to hurry. We aren’t looking at banging each other off, but to savour moments of togetherness, and that’s what Karezza is. Edging yourself during sex and holding back the orgasm to enjoy the act alone.

Value products:  We have very limited knowledge of sex products. We know of the common ones in the market and online. But if you care to explore a bit, you will find many products that you have never thought of as a sex product; candle wax.

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