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29 May 2024, Edition - 3242, Wednesday

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Five important tips to boost your baby’s brain development



Parents almost always tend to be really concerned about the health of their children, and it is vital for the growth of children as well. If there is one thing that plays the most important role in the development of a child’s brain health, it is their diet.

First of all, all mothers need to be very conscious about what they consume when they are pregnant. It would be noteworthy to mention that children’s brains grow about 85% in their first three years of life. So you ought to be focusing on children’s diet and nutrition a whole lot if you want their health to thrive.

There are many ways in which a baby’s brain health can be boosted; we will discuss some of them over here: Educate your child Your child can pick up on so much more than you imagine. As mentioned earlier, almost 85% of brain growth takes place in the first three years of a child’s life and therefore, one can easily assume that they have a lot of learning margin.

We don’t recommend enrolling your child in a school or even Montessori at a very early age, but the best thing that you can do for your child is that you can educate them yourself. Try to read to your child regularly, especially bedtime stories. Children mostly develop their interest in reading by having bedtime stories read to them. Bring them books and teach them the value of reading.

Spend more time with them

Babies need a lot of attention, and the more time you can manage to spend around them the better. If your child goes to the park to play, or even in the courtyard of your house you should play with them. The act of playing with them will increase their confidence in you as a parent and they will feel more connected to you. Not only playing is fun, but also children can also learn a lot form just playing around.

These games play a major role in developing the cognitive functions of your child’s brain.

Games have been known to stimulate the brain because they set the brain to think on a creative path. Do art with your child We cannot be sure what is the type of your child’s brain however what I can assure is that a lot of fields qualify as art. So try to make art with your child. It could be anything from drawing and painting, to sculpting, and to making wooden furniture.

In time, you will find your child’s niche but you should try new things with your child so that they learn about stuff and use children’s creative side. In a way, you would be training their brains to think more clearly and act more promptly.

Children learn quickly, and so if you develop their thinking patterns and urge them to be more creative by stimulating their minds with such activities; you will have the most brilliant children ever. Take them to the doctor regularly It is imperative that you take your child to the doctor regularly for a check-up. There are parents who neglect this one preemptive measure and guess what, that’s probably why pediatrics department is teemed with children.

The prime advantage of taking your child to the doctors for a health check-up is that you get to know about any lags into the physical and mental development of your child. The signs that might have skipped your attention can be figured out at the doctors quite easily and you can start working on fixing the problem in time instead of getting to know about when nothing can be done to fix the problem.

Many doctors out there have various technologies and systems that they use to measure up the growth of a child, comparing it with their age and a comparative standard of what their growth scale should be. Their diet is of utmost importance Lastly, what is most important above all is a child’s diet.

Proteins and calcium are a child’s basic dietary needs because they enhance the mental and physical functioning of a child. Most of the time, the foods children consume (especially the toddlers) lack about 75% of the nutrients that they ought to be consuming and although their health might be in robust condition they are far from being at the health target.

Children need a component in our diet known as DHA to help grow their brains and, they mostly do not get it from their regular food consumption. You should look for supplements that have DHA and are manufactured in great quality. This way, you would be supplementing your child regularly and there won’t be any lags in their healthy development.

SOURCE : http://www.bfirst.in/category/life/five-important-tips-to-promote-a-babys-healthy-brain-503788

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