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16 Apr 2024, Edition - 3199, Tuesday

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Follow these tips to make your relocation a smooth affair

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Relocating from one place to another not only can be physically challenging, but mentally and emotionally too. While you might be emotional about leaving the space, you have been in for a while, there will be so many more thoughts running through your mind in terms of moving.

One of the ways to make things easier for you would be to rent furniture, instead of buying them. Not only is it cheaper and easier to relocate, but also, we do not have to worry about maintenance. There are online companies that offer furniture renting options for you. Be it a dining table, work desk, two-seater sofa for rent or three-seater sofa for rent , they are all available by just a few clicks.

However, there is so much more to packing than just the furniture. Here are a few tips for you that would make your relocating much easier:

1.Ask for assistance

There are several professionals available to help you with this chaotic job. You can always reach out to them if you believe that this is beyond your capability and need help.

2.Label all boxes

While packing, have all boxes labeled. This makes it much easier for you when unpacking and helps you be organized. Moreover, this also keeps items in good condition as kept with similar items of a kind.

3.“Open first” box

This one step can make moving so much easier for you. You know exactly what you will need first when you relocate. Put those things together in a box and label them as “open first”. This will help you when unpacking, as you need not browse through several boxes to get these out first.

4.Clean as you go

Once you pack up an area, clean it out immediately. This way you could avoid some heavy costs by avoiding hiring cleaners.

5.Ditch the junk

Many a times, we hoard things that we do not need anymore. This could be due to the emotional value it carries or with the thought that you will be using it later. However, we all know that it just uses up extra space around your house. One of the best ways to clear up space at your new place is by boxing these as junk or garage and giving them away to second hand sales or even having your own garage sale.

6.Compare moving companies quotes

There are several packers and movers’ companies available to help you move. However, they could be more expensive than you think. Before you pick one, do your research and look for all available options and pick the most feasible one.

7.Reach out to friends

Sometimes, you really do not need professionals to help you relocate. All you need are a few friends. More the merrier, call over a few willing friends and ask them to help you pack and move. Not only does it get done quicker and cheaper, but also is a good way to bond.

8.Rent out furniture

Without doubting, renting furniture is the easiest option when considering relocation. Renting over buying also has many other benefits.

These simple tips will without doubt make moving a lot easier for you, without much hassle.

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