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17 Apr 2024, Edition - 3200, Wednesday

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Health & Lifestyle

Go natural with organic cosmetics



Many of us have been buying organic for years, when it comes to the food we eat. But, it’s easy to forget about what is being absorbed through our skin. The human body’s largest organ (the skin) deserves some love, and so do you. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up regarding how you feel about yourself or how you feel in general, consider switching to organic cosmetic products. There is something about taking in natural ingredients derived from gorgeous flowers or delicious fruit that makes you feel instantly healthy and fabulous. Pampering yourself with guilt and worry free beauty products isn’t just fun and healthy, it’s good for you, too.

The importance of self-care

Nowadays, we finally recognise that self-care (or lack thereof) has a significant impact on our mental state. While self-care can take the form of any activity that you enjoy or find relaxing, many people opt to treat their bodies to restorative care to renew their spirits. Taking the time to care for your skin and hair can leave you feeling refreshed and at peace.

Going the extra mile and treating your body, face, and hair to natural, organic products can make you feel like a whole new person! Not only are the ingredients in organic products better for your health, making the conscious decision that you’re worth higher quality products is a form of self-love. The boost to your appearance certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

The organic difference

Organic products do not use potentially harmful chemicals, opting for natural ingredients instead. Organic products will cost you more up front but considering the alternatives, it becomes easy to see why organic cosmetics are a worthy investment.

Traditional cosmetics are basically made of whichever chemicals can prolong shelf-life and produce strong scents and bubbles for the lowest price. It’s no surprise that those ingredients aren’t what’s best for our bodies.

Organic cosmetics provide nutrition for your skin and hair with ingredients you know and can pronounce. Many of the components you’ll find in organic cosmetic products are the same ones you’ll find in a health food store or a beautiful botanical garden. These common organic cosmetic ingredients nurture your body from the inside out (and they sound a lot prettier too):

Apple juice, as a skin softener

Coconut oil, as a moisturiser

Aloe vera, as a PH balancer

Geranium and patchouli essentials, as wrinkle plumpers

Horsetail extract, as a wound healer

Green tea, as an antioxidant

Turmeric, as an acne fighter

Acai, as an anti-ager

Lemon juice, as a skin brightener

Beeswax, as a base for lipsticks, balms, mascaras, concealers, and creams.

When it comes to loving and caring for your body, mind, and soul, cosmetics and skincare are hard to beat. Take your regenerative self-care a step further and invest in an organic product or two to add to your current routine. Chances are you’ll decide to make the full switch to organic soon after. Chemicals may be cheap, but they can’t compare to treating yourself to products formulated with pure, natural ingredients. Take a little time to research and compare cosmetic products, ingredients, and brands. You’re worth the time, and you’re worth the money. Besides, the difference in the way you look and feel will be priceless.

SOURCE : http://www.bfirst.in/category/life/go-natural-with-organic-cosmetics-504059

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