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24 Apr 2024, Edition - 3207, Wednesday

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Great Mistakes that Ruin Great Relationships

Bethany Miller

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Relationships do not fall apart in a moment, even if you are sure that everything has happened just like that. In fact, the connection begins to break long before the day when the girl closes the door behind her, and you join again the ranks of bachelors. Not only men can spoil the great relationship, some kind of girls can also act dishonorably, disgustingly and meanly. Nevertheless, let’s first talk about typical mistakes in dating that can ruin even the best relationship.

You think that you are cheating her skillfully.

Big problems begin with a small lie. It is just impossible to build a solid foundation for a relationship on deception because deception is in the opposite corner of the ring from the trust that is the cornerstone of any strong relationship. When you are cheating the girl, she can believe you, but then some doubt can penetrate into her mind, this doubt is able to destroy everything. You should remember that the trust is the most important feature of healthy relationships, it is difficult to earn it, and it is very easy to lose it instantly.

You rely heavily on the phone and social networks.

It’s always necessary to keep in touch with your girlfriend. It’s good that you write her, call and put your likes under photos, but this kind of virtual communication should not replace a real connection that includes walks, meetings, and help in various cases. You should communicate regularly face to face with her and not with your smartphone or, what`s even more awkward, stuck on some dating site for singles. Any woman, especially if this woman loves you, requires real and not mythical attention. One compliment, a small present or just a walk along the central street of the city mean more than the thousands of text messages you sent before. You have to be much more determined and enjoy real life with the girl.

You do not appreciate what she does for you.

You might only pretend that you appreciate the care of your girlfriend, but you do not show sincerity, and she feels that. Meanwhile, if your girlfriend is really good then she may support you in all your endeavors. Perhaps it is she who pushes you to become better in professional, personal and physical terms. She does not have any selfish intent about you, she just wants to see that her man is successful and good and that she can rely on him. Do not take such sincere support for granted. The girls sacrifice their own ambitions to translate your dreams into reality too often. But if you do not appreciate it, they may turn away from you, nobody wants to cheer on the ungrateful guy and have a close relationship with him.

You ignore and do not solve the problems.

Everyone faced in their lives with a problem when a girl suddenly starts screaming, making hysterics, in short, going crazy over trifles. And everyone thought that a girlfriend switched on a mode of an idiot, or she was hit by a strong dose of hormones into the brain and that there was nothing to be done about it. But the truth is often the following: you do not want to understand the problem, which, with a probability of 80%, does exist. Remember what had happened this day before the scandal. Remember what the girl told you and what you missed. Finally, remember at what point the conversation turned the wrong way. Perhaps you said something insulting or touched on an unpleasant topic. It’s not about whether you are guilty or not guilty, but it is about your ability to resolve the conflict, and you need to know the problem look like.

For the first sight, all these points seem to be unserious and have no power to ruin the great relationship but, in fact, the small things create the whole image. If you want to save your relationship, try to deal with these small-great mistakes.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own.

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