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19 Oct 2021, Edition - 2289, Tuesday

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Health & Lifestyle

Here’s What You Can Eat To Avoid A Hangover This Weekend



As the weekend closes in upon us, many of us might already be making plans to get sloshed. However, what we all hate is spending an entire Sunday in bed nursing a bad hangover. But there are so many ways to avoid a hangover altogether. Most of that involves eating the right food before, after, and when you are consuming alcohol. We all know that drinking empty stomach is a big mistake, but do we know what to eat so as not to face the I-am-never-going-to-touch-alcohol-ever-again feeling the next morning? Here are some ideas.


Before you head out for the drinking scene, make sure you amp up your diet with a lot of protein. Your body will use the amino acids provided by the protein to help the liver detox. Also include a lot of vitamin B rich green vegetables in your diet.


You know how alcohol dries out the body, yes? So to counter that, make sure you have a glass of water after every drink. This will minimise the effect of the alcohol on your body and also keep you hydrated.


As much as you don’t want to get up in the morning, pull yourself up from the bed and have a hearty breakfast. Toasts, egg whites, tomato juice, and fruits like banana work wonders. Avoid coffee and carbs because while they may help temporarily, their effect will eventually fade and might leave you feeling worse. A glass of milk does wonders as well.

Here’s to a happy weekend and a no-hangover Sunday, folks!

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