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21 Feb 2019, Edition - 1318, Thursday

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  • Gunshots were heard near Akshardham Temple in New Delhi, reports said
  • PM continued shooting for documentary after Pulwama Attack, alleges Congress
  • Congress attacks PM over India-Saudi statement, says he ‘forgot’ to write Pak’s name
  • Pak inmate serving life term killed in Jaipur jail
  • Congress workers used to loot poll booths for dad, me: Kirti Azad
  • Ahead of Elections, RJD President Lalu Prasad Yadav seeks bail, moves SC seeking bail on medical grounds.

Health & Lifestyle

How To Have A Detox Weekend For A Monday That’s Not Blue


Many of us plan to start our Monday mornings with a fresh mindset. Sometimes, we set our weekend plans in a way that we manage to get enough rest and relaxation. Other times, we are not as lucky. Between partying, drinking, exerting our bodies, and not getting enough rest, our plan to start a new week refreshed doesn’t quite work out. To deal with this issue, many people opt for detox weekends with the aim to give their bodies time to fully recuperate from everything that is going on. So if you think that is what you need, here is what you can keep in mind.

Avoid using your phone

Social media is great but a lot of low-key stress and anxiety, fear of missing out, and other such mentally-straining emotions are generated when we spend too much time checking out what everyone else is up to (and what we aren’t doing). Social media detoxing helps our brain stop thinking unnecessary thoughts, and also lets us have a lot of time to ourselves. Read a book instead, or indulge in a hobby.

Drink less, eat better

Weekend drinking has almost become a ritual for many people. What we don’t realise is that it harms the body in more ways than one. Try giving alcohol a break this weekend and you will feel the difference when your body doesn’t feel tired out. Also, ditch the greasy Chinese and pizzas when you are detoxing. Eat your greens and choose healthier foods.

Dial down on the plans

A lot of social interactions drain your mind; some interactions leave you refreshed and those are the ones you can go for instead of fitting in too many meetups in two days. Devote more time to yourself when you are detoxing.

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