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13 Apr 2024, Edition - 3196, Saturday

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Pregnancy symptoms week-by-week during the first trimester

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Pregnancy is the most cherished period for that family in which a woman is pregnant. The entire family will be waiting for the arrival of the bundle of joy. From the first sign of pregnancy till the time you give birth your body undergoes a lot of changes and your body keeps showing you a lot of symptoms. As a new mother, it is very important for you to notice every small change in your body and understand what these signs really mean. Let us see what are the symptoms you can expect to experience during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Most of the best maternity centers in pune offer free pregnancy session in which they will explain to you about the dos and don’ts if pregnancy very clearly and answer all of your questions.

Week 1: This is the time when you understand that you are pregnant and the pregnancy test will be the only symptom which will prove that you are pregnant. Some women even experience slight vomiting sensation. This is also the period during which you need to change your lifestyle. If you are into smoking and drinking, kindly quit it. You might also want to start taking prenatal vitamins as the first month is very important for the growth and development of the fetus.

Week 3: This is when the real signs of pregnancy started. You might start experiencing slight bleeding or spotting which is not related to periods but it is related to pregnancy. This bleeding will be very little and you needn’t panic about this. If the bleeding is heavy then you might want to give your doctor a call. The third week is also the period when your body starts showing healthy signs of pregnancy. If there is any problem with your pregnancy, you will get to know during this period. Abnormalities like ectopic pregnancy where the egg is attached outside the fallopian tube also happen during this period.

Week 5: This is the time you might be experiencing the complete signs of pregnancy. Mood swings are very common during this period. You might feel a lot of emotions running through you. This is due to your hormones. It is also important to note that you might also start experiencing depression which is also very common.

Week 7: This is called the happy period as you will start experiencing weight gain. old shirts and pants will no longer befit you. There may be some changes in your skin too like redness and rashes. This is the time for maternity clothes to fit you than your regular jeans and tees.

Week 9: Your blood volume will start to increase and you might start feeling dizziness and frequent urination. You might also notice that your hands have puffed up or even a nosebleed. This is due to the extra blood that is secreted in the body. This extra blood serves the purpose of protecting your baby while you stand up or down or sit.

Week 12: Your uterus will start to move a little above and the pressure on your bladder will reduce. Now there will be more room in your belly to accommodate the growth of your fetus

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