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13 Apr 2024, Edition - 3196, Saturday

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Health & Lifestyle

Those weird things men do during sex that annoys the life out of women

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Bengaluru: There was a time when women were seen as receivers in bed and not so much of action was expected out of them. But not anymore. They enjoy it as much as men do, and they express it too. And just as they express their love, it is time to express their annoyance to some of the weirdest things men do in bed, that gets their goat. They can’t be ‘yes’ people in bed all the time. They need to tell you exactly what annoys them for you to know.

Here are a few weird things we(women) wish you wouldn’t do:

Some men have this irritating habit of blowing into the vagina during sex. And what that does is, it dries us up. Tickling in places such as these doesn’t make it pleasurable, there are places to tickle–that would really work.

If in the middle of your action, all you can hear is baby or honey, it can be annoying. Baby or honey is very generic and it does nothing to create that intimacy. When you are on your heights of pleasure, calling out her name or her pet name can do the magic.

If a woman can easily understand that the man is enjoying himself, climaxed or not–then why is that some men keep probing to know if you had an orgasm. During intercourse, you can’t hurry it for the women or show impatience just because you are done.

This isn’t for all, but some have a habit of wearing socks to bed. Well, intercourse is enjoyable only when you are nude and in touch with your lover in every which way. Imagine having intercourse with a woman with her hair pin,her dupatta,salwar and the rest. If you can’t remove your socks, then don’t do it.

Ofcourse, if your foreplay hurts, then it is annoying. It is supposed to arouse interest, not diminish it. So, biting in a bad way or clawing in a manner that it hurts is a no no.

Some people aren’t able to enjoy a session and dwell in it. As if they were waiting to bang and sleep off. Yes, jumping out of bed to change as soon as your are done is annoying and disrespectful.

If your hygiene sense is abysmal and your underwear is smelly, then any women has the right to wind herself up. Period!

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