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22 Apr 2024, Edition - 3205, Monday

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A New Wellness Go Green Revolution Has Arrived

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India

The vision of our company is, “Let wellness be the religion no. 1” as we believe that healing is sacred, and health is sacrosanct, which makes the studio space where we work out the sanctum sanctorum which is why we call it a wellness temple. 360 degrees refers to the well-rounded training imparted in regards to fitness, health, wellness and well-being. And that is the ladder of evolution.
Further, we view the instructor as a guru who gives “shiksha”, wherein he dispels the darkness and makes way for the light to come through. Our new signature program, the Go Green revolution with YO workouts HI, makes exercising a celebration and not a chore while on the path to self-discovery. YO workouts are yoga in poetry done barefoot to connect with mother earth for various benefits. The reflexology points on our feet connect with the body’s energy meridians. By working out barefoot we strengthen and restore the natural flow of energy within our body. Also when working out without shoes our sense of balance and coordination is greatly improved and more importantly we reduce the possibility of injury through overworking our feet, which we don’t realize when wearing shoes.
YO workouts include variations of yoga postures and rhythmic breathing techniques to align the physical body with the spiritual, making it a holistic exercise experience that ignites the creative potential within each one of us. Go Green YO workouts HI are revolutionary programs that nudge fitness enthusiasts and wellness seekers towards optimum wellbeing.
“Be lean, don’t be mean,
Plug out from the machine,
Plug in to your heart and Go Green”.
The Go Green philosophy is equipment free and environmentally friendly with zero carbon footprints. Also its mother principle is to conserve our breath and preserve our body. The workouts increase the adaptability of the human mind through extreme neural firing. This, in medical parlance is called neurobic stimulation. YO workouts create an increased activity in the brain’s Area 23 or the Cingulate Gyrus when following the program over a period of time. Area 23 is the seat of awareness and when this area is active it makes the person happier, more alert and is capable of helping on a neurobiological level.
YO workouts emphasize the need to workout daily as the exercises are not especially taxing to the body and help cellular regeneration, revitalization and rejuvenation of the entire being. It also assists in de-carbonating the blood and recharging it with oxygen because of regulated breathing techniques. These additional atoms of oxygen are transmuted into our life current to rejuvenate the brain and spinal centers.
HI stands for human intelligence where the human mind trains the human body to start a wellness revolution for human evolution.
People adopting YO workouts will become healthy, taut, smart, active and energetic with seven different workouts like 1. Flow YO, 2. Stretch YO, 3. Card YO, 4. Ab YO, 5. Cross YO, 6. Strength YO and 7. Cool YO. Each YO is self-explanatory and the amalgamation of all seven is the ultimate orchestra of rhythmic well being. YO workouts are a graceful symphony of movements, which are fun, engaging and creative and integrate every cell of the body. The exercises are not too specialized to be limiting yet imaginative enough to make working out fun. YO workouts are dynamic and fluid and can’t be put in a restricted format, however, there will be a broad structure with variance within each category allowing the creativity of each trainer to shine in order to make the workouts fun and recreational.
Most of all Go Green-YO workouts transform humans by building characters and developing personalities while maintaining long-term, sustainable weight management and heightened super immunity. YO workouts are all about creating a rhythm and generating a flow. Calibrated rhythm of our breath helps resetting and restoring our biological clocks and puts us in the flow which triggers empathy, compassion, sympathy, benevolence and creativity.
Rhythm also sets the ground for progress and thus productivity. Together rhythm and flow enhance the brain functions to its highest capability leading to super clarity, vision, self confidence and supreme conviction.
YO workouts are creating a revolution for human evolution by developing an inner sense of balance, focus and concentration and promoting the idea of renewing ourselves, because we never grow old it is only when we stop growing that we become old.
The main aim of every life should be to realize its fullest potential. YO workouts bring us to the point of heightened consciousness, which makes us the co-creator of our own destiny. It would be apt to quote the Upanishads, "You are what your deepest desires are. As will be your desires, so will be your will. As will be your will, so will be your intentions. As will be your intentions, so will be your deeds. As will be your deeds, so will be your destiny."
Our single mission in this life is to heal the world and to get this world energized, naturalized, optimized, to get Mickeymized!!! Source: Businesswire