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26 May 2020, Edition - 1778, Tuesday

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Arc Skills Launch an Online Fundamental Skills Programme to Make Students Future Ready

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  • Introduced a distinctive online Integrated Learning Programme: Soar skills


Arc Skills, a global skill provider for schools, universities, and corporates, launched Soar, an integrated pathway for school student to learn new age & socio emotional skills. With the successful launch of Soar, Arc Skills launches soar skills, an online programme for middle school students focusing on fundamental skills for future.


Soar Pathway constitutes of Soar Skills, is developed to make the child conversant in specific foundational literacies that will help children further identify and build on their strengths. Soar Skills is a progressive online learning programme by Arc Skills. The courses under Soar Skills advances through student-led online learning path together with integrated assessment platform, for students to learn specific foundational literacies helping them to further identify and build on their strengths. The first two courses of Soar skills will educate the iGENs with aspects like business reports and impact of social media on business communication and make them future ready when they step up for higher education. Financial Literacy, as the name suggests is to help secondary school students navigate the intricacies of personal finance and will also aid students to recognize the new face of banking.


Kakul Misra, COO, Arc Skills


Kakul Misra, COO, Arc Skills, said, “The Psychological load of competition obliges a student to complete vast syllabus and devote excessive emphasis on various examinations. In this race of marks and examination, the preparation for future ready skills remain untouched and suddenly when they go for higher education and enter the corporate world, most find it difficult, especially to manage their personal finances. I strongly believe that a student should be proficient to manage their personal funds and learn basics of business-oriented communications before they enter the professional world. Through these fundamental Programs under Soar Skills, which includes Financial Literacy, Health Management, Business Writing Skills, we intend to enable our children with essential skills to cope up in this dynamic world, and develop a change quotient.


The philosophy of teaching at Arc Skills is to make students skillful and reliant. Programs such as Business Writing are aimed to make the students to learn and practice different forms of communication within the corporate world and help them better communicate in a professional manner when they are ready. Financial literacy is developed to make the child understand the critical financial market trends and manage finances.


In 2017, Arc Skills introduced Skills 21 programme globally in seven countries, which was shortlisted for the ‘innovation’ prize at the 2018 GESS awards. In India and across the globe, Skills 21 has become the best example of a substantial learning programme in 21st century. This programme successfully meets the criteria of effectiveness and accessibility, achieved through the integration of teacher training and the use of modern teaching technologies.


About Arc Skills

Arc Skills, subsidiary of Varkey Group, are the provider of skills. They are the global skills industry innovator for schools, universities, and businesses. They are leading the revolution in the skill development sector, making it more relevant, effective, and transformational for all. Education is comprehensive when it empowers today’s students to prosper in the wildly unpredictable world they will face when they are no longer in school. With an aim to equip every student with necessary skills to adapt to the challenges of ever changing world, Arc Skills launched ‘Soar’ under its education offering. Soar is an entire learning pathway that nurtures values, skills, and career-based competencies in a child, at each step of their school life. Soar brings awareness to 13 Values, 18 Virtues, 9 Life and Career competencies, and 12 in demand career skills. The product align the skills taught to a child at developmental stage, so that they can gradually develop the skills needed for confidence, self-awareness, and passion.

Source: Newsvior

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