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08 Feb 2023, Edition - 2766, Wednesday

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How to Use an Investment Calculator to Secure Your Future?

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Financial planning is all about setting a detailed process that will help you achieve your financial goals to build a promising and secure future. The plan will act as a guide to assist you in making a reliable and strong decision for any financial investments.

The investment might vary from person to person. It might consist of credit card debt, house mortgage, fees for children’s education, and several other financial liabilities. With a robust plan in place, people can control their investments, income, and expenses in the best way possible and thus meet their set goals in life. However, to make the right amount of investment, one needs to understand their requirement, and this is where they need an investment calculator.

For example, to acquire a large sum of money for a child’s education fees through investment, parents must be able to determine the amount of time and money they need to set aside. To calculate this amount, you need an investment calculator.

What is an Investment Calculator?

An investment calculator is an online tool which is used for the calculation of parameters of an investment plan. For an individual. In other words, this tool helps in estimating the amount of growth a particular investment will have in the future. This is a crucial tool for every individual who is planning to invest, irrespective of the amount or the reason for investment.

The calculator helps to determine the amount of money one needs to put aside or save on a monthly or yearly basis for achieving their financial goals. It generates stimulation with the saved money and provides information based on the duration of investment and the expected return rate.

Functionality of an Investment Calculator

Several investments come with financial advantages and income tax benefits that many might not be aware of while choosing to invest. With the use of a return on investment calculator, a specific amount of money can be easily determined in addition to an assurance of a good return rate.

By entering details of different parameters in the investment calculator, the value of the variables can be determined easily. This helps to decide whether one should invest in a plan or not. Here are some important elements that one must keep in mind while deciding on the type of investment:

– Principal Amount: It is the initial amount that is required to be paid when the investment plan starts. As the initial amount gets more, so does the return from the investment. Individuals sometimes tend to start with a higher amount to spend later, on major items like gold, car, home, and other financial assets.

– Duration of Investment: It is important to determine the duration of a particular investment and its outcome. This can help to determine the unforeseen risks that might occur over time.

– Return Rate of Investment: This is one of the most crucial factors of an investment plan. It is important to check if the return rate of investment is sufficient to meet the financial goal of an individual. This helps in selecting plans accordingly.

– Final Return Amount: It is the amount that an investor will receive upon the end of the investment tenure. Before investment, one must determine the return according to their requirement

Benefits of Financial Planning

– Increase in Saving:
With the use of a return on investment calculator, you can find efficient ways of saving money in addition to all the variables. It also offers solutions related to debt management and insurance protection. Financial planning that has been charted out with detailed information can help by providing insight on revenue, and expenses and help track costs and even cut down costs as and when it is required.

– Prepares You for Unexpected Situations
Having an emergency fund is a much-needed investment required for individuals to face any kind of catastrophic situation. With a good and strong financial plan, a large amount of money can be collected and used during emergencies such as loss of job, medical fees, etc.

– Tax Planning
With a sound financial plan, you can plan your tax savings effectively through the year. You can get tax benefits for the premiums you pay for life insurance under
80C deductions of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

As financial goal varies with people in their lives, reaching those goal requires a certain plan which includes making the right amount of investment at the right time. Financial planning is not only a smart thing to do, but it is also a necessity for those looking to lead a comfortable and prosperous life. With the help of an investment calculator, individuals will be able to get information on the exact amount of money they need to invest and thus enjoy financial security. With the use of an investment calculator, one can easily enjoy their benefit, without the hassle of figuring out when to invest, how much to invest and what to invest.

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