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31 Oct 2020, Edition - 1936, Saturday

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Is your business making these 5-digital marketing mistakes too? Read it before it is too late!

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Most companies have a digital marketing strategy in place. However, most of them find themselves lost and grasping at straws when it comes to customer engagement, ROI and lead conversion. The digital marketing professionals like Pulkit Gogna think there are 5-most fatal mistakes that businesses are making and which are costing them resources and money! If you aren’t making the most out of your digital marketing strategy, figure out if you are making these same mistakes, for, these are more common than you think!

What’s digital marketing, again?

Complete lack of a digital marketing strategy in place is simply fatal for your business. Over 60 per cent of buying decisions take place online. It starts from a search, moves on to browsing through the products, reading the reviews, price comparison and then closing the deal by adding it to the cart and making the payment. If you choose to miss this digital wagon, you miss out on this major chunk of the business. Remember, you aren’t the only business and if you aren’t online but your competitor is, you are simply lagging and may no longer be a threat. Even traditional businesses need to have a robust online presence as they would like people to know that they exist and are open for business. And no, a cookie-cutter website doesn’t mean anything.

Mobile is for calling and texting!

Almost 90 per cent of people use mobile internet to search and buy online. Be it looking for the new movie releases, searching for the location of a brick and mortar shopor browsing through the latest product range, it all happens on mobile. So, the pertinent question will be is your website mobile-friendly? Is it optimized for speech-to-text? Does your website use keywords for mobile? If not, it is time, you start focusing on your mobile customers too!

Who needs customers when you have search engines?

If your digital marketing strategy is aimed at search engines, you aren’t going anywhere in terms of ranking at least in the long run. Search engines are machines. Your users, instead, are human. You can lure the search engine algorithm with keywords but your customers need real information that can be perused and utilised. If you have your content, website and social media designed in accordance with your customers, the search results will follow. Besides, it will also help you gain positive word of mouth from customers, which is the most effective and pocket-friendly way to get sure-shot leads that convert into sales.
Ideally, a business website should be a balanced mix of keywords and information. While you shouldn’t compromise on its SEO aspects, it should remain visually pleasant too and you should learn more
digital marketing practices using various training programs.

Where are your customers?

If you don’t want to get lost amidst the crowd and want to stand out, strike a chord with the customers. However, you need to know where your customers are at? Are they young? Are the Gen-X? Do they prefer to watch YouTube videos or do they like to stream content online on Netflix or Prime? What are their interests? What ticks them off? With Social Intelligence analytics, ASOS and Cintas have engaged and connected to their customers in a never-before manner. They now have a better understanding of their customers’ demographics and perception about them.

Why do you need digital marketing?

One of the famous digital marketing strategy quotes goes, “A marketing strategy without a goal is just stuff and the internet has lots of stuff. “So, you need to know why do you need one? Do you just want to create an online presence or while you are at it, want to offer products and services to your customers too? Do you want to interact with customers and make your social media a platform to offer superior services and resolve conflicts?

These are a few mistakes that can be avoided while crafting a digital marketing strategy. It is of utmost importance that the businesses shouldn’t overlook the importance of digital marketing training as the experience and exposure can help them to create a winning strategy in place that can get them both traction and search engine results!

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