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29 Jul 2021, Edition - 2207, Thursday

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New Banker’s Verification Letter Format 2021

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A Bank verification letter is essential if you want to offer a confirmation about your identity or of the authorized signatory. It is also required during the debit note and credit note. A Banker's verification note is also needed while providing account and monetary details for employment or scholarship for educational purposes.

The bank authority verifies the letter through their emulator or the employee who holds the Bank manager's equal rank. In general, the letter is submitted in hard copy. But, some banks also considered soft copies of the letter.

The account holder generally writes the bank verification letter to the bank authority or the name manager. They need to furnish all their related details. To ensure your bank verification letter is accepted, you need to follow the correct format. If the banker's verification letter's structure is not correct, it may not be taken by the bank and the required authority.

How to write a letter requesting the verification letter

All the banks accept the handwritten format of the banker's verification letter. You can also download a typed template and sign on it for furnishing it before the authority.

If you need to write the verification letter for any purpose like a Debit note and credit note, here is a small guide for you. If you do not follow the right format, it may not be considered for the future and may not serve your purpose.

1. If you are writing as an individual, you do not need to use any letterhead. But for organizations, writing the letter on their official letterhead is a must.

2. First, you have to address the bank manager and write the address of the bank after it.

3. Next, you have to write the subject as "Request for Signature Verification."

4. After this, you need to write the application requesting the bank to offer you a verification letter attested to your name. The letter should contain the account details and the branch details withother details like IFSC code etc., to ensure the bank gets a clear idea about your identity. Theletter should contain the bank details, account type, date of opening, and your Please alsoprovide your contact number to ensure that the bank can reach you if they need it.

The bank will verify your details and will provide you with a verification letter. Here is the format of the banker’s verification letterfrom the bank’s end-

To whomsoever, it may concern.

● This is to confirm that, name of the business/ individual/ organization, the individual/ business/organization's address is our regular consumer and is maintaining an account with us from (date of opening).
● Their address, creditworthy and PAN details are verified and recorded with us.
● Bank Branch with IFSC number
● Bank Name and address
Signature of the banker with seal

If you need to get the verification letter from your bank, ensure you start the procedure early, as it can take some time. The bank can only issue a letter after thoroughly verifying your claim. So, it can take a few days to get the letter you need.

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