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16 Apr 2024, Edition - 3199, Tuesday

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Bengaluru students create a cloud-connected waste management device

Covai Post Network


Coimbatore: Students from the MVJ College of Engineering, Bengaluru, have come up with an efficient waste management and tracking device for waste collection and disposal.

The device uses an Internet of Things (IoT) interface, through which a smart bin will be connected to the internet on cloud, where the driver who picks up the waste will be able to access its location, according to a statement from the college.

Almost 62 million tonnes (MT) of municipal solid waste was generated annually in the country of which only 43 MT was collected, 11.9 MT treated and 31 MT dumped in landfill sites. The major problem in waste management was collection and disposal, it said. Open grounds turned into dump yards which became breeding grounds, making the students propose a smart bin using an IoT interface.

The bin would automatically send a notification to the driver when it got filled. The IoT interface would also collect other data from the bin, which would also be stored on cloud. It would be equipped with sensors for load, ultrasonic and humidity and have an ESp8266 model for wifi connection.

“The load and ultrasonic sensors will give the data related to the dustbin’s filling capacity. The humidity sensor gives details about the humidity of the bin. The lids of the bins seal automatically after the garbage has reached a certain level. The specific IP address of the ESP8266 sends the location of the dustbin,” said the statement.

Both the driver and the user would have apps. The one for users would give updates of the bin fill and allow them to call the driver or set a pickup for the garbage. Drivers would get notifications on when and where the dustbins had been filled. They would also have an emergency button to be used in cases of break downs where they could seek assistance of another driver.

The main target for the students are industries and restaurants. “Commercial companies shell out a lot of money when it comes to its waste management, and 80 per cent of it is spent on transport and collection. Our system efficiently collects waste. Saves a lot of money,” it said.

Using the system would increase waste and disposal efficiency and divers could save fuel and time, the statement added.

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