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16 Apr 2024, Edition - 3199, Tuesday

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India is brimming with new ideas, Lois Weinblatt

U Bharath


Lois Weinblatt has taken ‘deep dive visioning’ to organisations and individuals in Spain, Australia and the US to craft their vision and create their future. Deep dive visioning is a process she designed to shift from focusing on problems and quick fixes to focusing on the future that one wants to create and taking actions to get there, and has proved to be a great success with entrepreneurs.

Excerpts from an interview with Covai Post:

Tell us about yourself and the deep dive visioning programme for small businesses and entrepreneurs?

I came to India to do a couple of workshops on deep dive vision with business leaders of business networking organisation BNI. The workshop in Coimbatore really allowed them to understand what really visioning means and how it could help them to reach their business goals.

This could help them to put their vision into reality in 90 days. It was a structured workshop that helped everyone. We offer something new in terms of finding their call which is completely different from what is offered in motivational speeches. There are a lot of psychological concepts, research and processes behind the deep dive visioning module.

It is a step by step process to take into account the past, present and future, in order to move forward and achieve.

How did you go about it with business owners and entrepreneurs here?

Before they leave the workshop, the participants are asked to have a plan in place and there is accountability programme to go back and check on. The visioning module is based on collective and creative process to deepen one’s understanding of the self and from there create an expansive vision for the growth and realisation of dreams.

Who pioneered deep dive visioning and what it is all about?

Ron Lippit, a social scientist and professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, was the one who pioneered this concept. He advocated the use of behavioural science to improve the quality of service and productivity within organisations.

He coined the word “preferred futuring” and how one could move forward in business when the traditional mentality of asking “how will it be possible” is gotten rid of. Group dynamics, ‘futuring’ and processing go together to chart the course for a bright future.

How is the programme structured to achieve success?

There are short and long term goals, which look at what one would do in the next year or even in the next 90 days. It is programmed to chart the process of transformation into achievable goals for every small organisation and entrepreneur.

You like being in India; how was your visioning module of success received?

I love India, as people are incredibly warm here. They already have a holistic approach to life, and my workshops were very successful. India is brimming with new ideas and entrepreneurs.

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