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10 Dec 2023, Edition - 3071, Sunday

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Monsoon accessory alert: Stand out with your own doodle umbrella

Indrani Thakurata


Bengaluru: Monsoons can be very boring and depressing. Incessant rains can be a mood spoiler, especially when you have to attend a party and are all glammed up. Your get up for the party has no place for black and floral umbrellas as accessories. But that’s what you see all around when it pours—black and florals. To pep up your monsoon and add a touch of fun to your look, go for umbrellas that scream newness. Cheeky Chunk offers umbrellas with colourful doodles that you would instantly take a liking to. So who broke the monotony of the umbrella world? “Personally, I love monsoons for their emotional connect. But, all we see around us when it rains is boring black and floral umbrellas. I wanted to see colourful doodles of things we associate with the rains on top of an umbrella, which would make one stand out from the crowd and look forward to the rains instead of detest them. That is the thought process behind Cheeky Chunk,” says the 22-year-old Pratik Doshi.


Their umbrellas are young and quirky. “ As per our vision, we have different things associated with the rains doodled on top of our umbrellas. For social media addicts, we have a ‘#Hashtag umbrella’ which has all the different hashtags related to the rains doodled on them, For music lovers, we have ‘music doodle’ umbrellas, since music is something that is synonymous with the rains. We have a satirical doodle on umbrellas as well with the ‘It happens only in India’ umbrella which has all the traffic and hustle bustle doodled on it. Also, there is a ‘Bollywood Doodle’ umbrella for all bollywood lovers, a ‘Ramu Kaka Ki Chai’ Umbrella for everyone who loves to sip tea when it rains, a ‘Why I Love Rains’ umbrella which has all the positive things about rain doodled on it and so on..” he adds, “All of our designs have one theme in common – Rain. Our vision is to make people look forward to the rains rather than detest them. They should stand out from the crowd instead of being a part of one.”


So, there is something for each one of us. “ Umbrellas have become an accessory. Most often, celebs match their umbrellas with their dresses.Look at the Queen of England, she carries her umbrella so well. In countries like UK, they are a part of the attire. Here, you would rarely see a celeb carrying her own umbrella. But with something as fun and distinct as this, they might,” says Prakhar Pandey, Fashion Photographer. He adds, “For me, it would be a music doodle umbrella, because rain is synonymous with music.” If our celebs start to carry umbrellas like the queen does, who should carry what? “Salman Khan would look awesome with a Wada Pav umbrella. Alia bhatt would really carry the ‘Girls Rain Doodle’ umbrella well,” Pratik signs off.

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