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15 Apr 2024, Edition - 3198, Monday

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PSG Hospital adds Robotic surgery to its services

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The most advanced , fourth generation surgical Robot- Davinci X has been installed and at PSG hospitals and 15 Robotic surgeries have been completed in the last two weeks.

A multispecialty team of experienced and trained surgeons from various departments including surgical oncology, surgical gastroenterology, paediatric surgery, endogynecology, hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery and urology are performing Robotic surgeries.

This technology has been made available for the needed patients at a very affordable cost.

Patients requiring cancer surgeries and complex surgeries that require highest precision can utilize the expertise and technological advantage of Robotic surgery.

Now, what is Robotic surgery?

A minimally invasive surgery performed through key holes using the advanced robotic surgical instruments with highest precision.

The surgery is performed by surgeons who control the instruments with the help of a Robotic interface to ensure high precision and accuracy of the surgery.

Though performed by surgeons, the Robotic technology ensures improved range of movements of instruments, 3 D visualization of the structures , accuracy and reach to the most difficult and delicate structures in human body.

Surgeries difficult to conduct by laparoscopic surgeries can be successfully performed by Robotic surgery.

What is unique about the Robotic surgery Program in PSG hospitals?

The latest Robotic technology , the Fourth generation Davinci X from Intutive surgicals USA, is the first of the kind in Coimbatore region.

Advantages of Robotic surgery:

*Highest accuracy ensuring better results in cancer and major surgeries minimal blood loss.

*Small incisions of 8 mm and minimal pain.Early recovery ensuring same day discharge or one day hospitalizations for majority of procedures except major cancer surgeries.

Who benefit from Robotic surgeries?

Any cancer surgery requiring precise and accurate surgery to increase the cure rates.

Any major abdominal or urological or thoracic surgery or Pediatric surgery.

Any minimally invasive surgery where the patient desires the advantage and accuracy of Robotic surgery over routine laparoscopic surgery.

What surgeries are performed in PSG hospitals?
Cancer surgeries of the uterus, rectum , large intestine, removal of kidney, hernia surgeries and even a chest surgery in a three year old child with diaphragmatic eventration.

All minimally invasive surgeries including cancer surgeries of Gastrointestinal tract, Kidney, urninary bladder, Liver, pancreas, paediatric surgeries, surgeries of the uterus, hernia and gallbladder surgeries are performed Robotically.

Robotic surgical team at PSG hospitals : Dr K Balu, Dr R Karthigeyan Surgical oncology: Dr K S Rajkumar, Dr Arul Muruguan Paediatric surgery: Dr A Paavai, Dr Cenita Sam Endogynecology: Dr Devi, Dr Vishranthi.

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