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29 Jan 2023, Edition - 2756, Sunday

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Sudoku an exercise to improve mental agility

Neya Tabitha


Sudoku is truly an entertaining game which can be played anywhere, anytime. It is a form of harmless escapism for those who want to tune out of reality for a while. Unlike other games where you have to shell out of your pockets for a true gaming experience, you only need a pencil and a Sudoku work sheet.

Devarajan D is a Sudoku and puzzle enthusiast hailing from Coimbatore. He has participated in the World Puzzle Championship in 2017 and is a regular participant in Sudoku Mahabharat and Puzzle Ramayan at Logic Masters India.

In an initiative to help nurture talented minds, he is conducting training sessions for schools and colleges for free.

The classic Sudoku will have a nine by nine grid and one has to fill in the numbers from one to nine in a logical manner without repeating them.

And with technology that is constantly growing, you can now find that there are various Sudoku apps and websites where you can choose the level of difficulty and start playing.

Compared to the classical Sudoku that you find in the newspapers and app stores, handmade Sudoku can be solved in a smooth and logical manner. Since the former is system generated it is just a bunch of random numbers placed randomly, he said.

A handmade puzzle will have a clear solving path and a clear flow. This will evoke the mental capacity through logical and thinking process.

There are some puzzles which require mathematical calculations as well. On the World championship level, these kinds of puzzles are used and India has found its place in the top ten consecutively.

Apart from these, there are other variants in Sudoku based on the number of grids, shapes and sizes. Sudoku puzzle work books are provided based on age and their ability, he adds

Sudoku is a brain game that helps to stimulate people’s cognitive abilities and gives them satisfaction and an accomplished feeling.

For students, it will help in their problem solving skills and logical thinking. This will help sharpen their minds. In times of stress they will learn to stay calm and find a way to solve it, he says

The effects of drugs and strokes can also be reduced when one plays this game.

In the technocratic world where children play with mobile phones, introducing such games will not only keep them occupied but will also sharpen their minds and activate their thinking ability. He adds that it is more fun than abacus.

Devarajan offers his services to any organization that needs to conduct Sudoku and puzzle competitions.

He also has a Whatsapp group called “kovai Sudoku club” where he provides puzzles on a daily basis. He also teaches techniques on how to solve them.

Playing Sudoku has its various benefits, including, improving memory power, cognitive abilities, reducing chance of developing Alzheimer’s, increasing concentration power and beating depression as well.

To contact him, call 8668017023.

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