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19 Apr 2024, Edition - 3202, Friday

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‘Surfing for suicides’; Why blame the internet?

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Tuesday (October 10) was the World Suicide Prevention Day. Ways to commit suicide are now just a click away, though cyber experts claim that technology has expanded, it is the fickle-minded ones that are driven to take their own lives. The fault lies not with technology.

Information explosion is so vast and wide that anyone hooked to the net can search for the strongest rope to commit suicide. The search engines can provide details of different methods to kill oneself, the deadly poisonous drugs available, how they can be procured, and what are the different possible options available

Times have changed at an astounding pace. In earlier times, the seeds of a particular fruit or leaves or roots were the limited options available. Movies had the dejected hero or heroine go for such plants or take a heavy dose of sleeping pills, or cut the veins or hang themselves. But the rates of ‘success’ or ‘failure’ were quite balanced.

But now, people commit suicide and use different social media platforms to show the action live and make the videos go viral. They get a platform to announce their deed. This is dangerous, admits a psychologist who feels, like cyber experts Dr BM that all blame cannot be showered just on technology.

When one reaches a state of mind, one does look at various options available on the net and that is where technology, be it YouTube or Facebook steps in. But Dr BM argues that the fault is not with technology, but its use or misuse.

To anyone, it is often difficult to gauge why someone, be it a family member, or a friend or a star committed suicide. It is often after the act that one often goes into finding clues.

According to psychologists, many factors come together to goad one to commit suicide. It is generally an act done during a ‘storm of strong emotions’ and stress and depression and not something that’s not planned.

But those with such tendencies do surf the net as it has become part of life.

Someone with schizophrenia can hear voices which drive them to the extreme step.

It is important to note that those who have experienced any traumatic incident which could be mental or physical or sexual abuse during childhood or rape, or trauma due to work stress are at a greater risk of committing suicide.

It is often a feeling of not being noticed or acknowledged that can drive a person to commit suicide.

Dr BM points to the case, say in Facebook, where one yearns for likes or comments for what one posts. It is this desire that sees them glued to social media.

He claims that addiction to drugs and alcohol are cause for suicides. But the net, which also has more of positive material, would be misused.

While cyber experts and professionals claim that the IT boom cannot be said to be the cause for suicides, they admit that there is a growing addiction for gadgets, and any addiction is bad.

Psychologists point to the need for counselling that becomes all the more relevant on such a World Suicide Prevention Day.

Many agencies are part of this initiative and media reports on suicides often carry the helpline contact number which can come handy for anyone with such suicidal tendencies.

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