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13 Apr 2024, Edition - 3196, Saturday

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Doy’s #HappifyHarPal Campaign Has a Refreshing Answer to the Question #LogKyaKahenge

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India

The chaotic pace of daily life can leave most of us feeling tired, dull and jaded. DOY’s #HappifyHarPal campaign is a sweet and heartening reminder to approach each day with a refreshing and positive attitude, one that is almost contagious. Its message is plain and simple – choose happiness and spread it wherever you go. The DOY woman is one who believes that you only live once and thus you owe it to yourself to live life to the fullest and focus on your happiness, whilst still being sensitive to the needs of those around you. The campaign also provides a refreshing take on how to deal with everyday challenges and come out smiling on the other side.
The message is further brought to life by a fun and tongue-in-cheek video titled #LogKyaKahenge?’. For Indian women, the question #LogKyaKahenge is a commonly heard one, applying to everything, right from their clothing and their behaviour to important life choices. Quite frankly, it’s a question most of us are tired of hearing. So, DOY decided to reinvent the manner in which we tackle this question, with a little sass and a lot of humour. The video depicts a scenario that most Indian women are far too familiar with, but this time, with a refreshing twist.
The campaign stems from DOY’s core philosophy of ‘Live Happy. Live Beautiful’. DOY’s mission is to create and offer superior quality personal care products that not only help women feel beautiful but also inspire them to lead happy, fulfilling lives. With products that leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and vibrant, DOY strives to bring a burst of energy, freshness, and positivity to the lives of its customers.
The new & improved DOY range of products includes:
  • The Nature Actives Collection of soaps & facewashes, crafted from pure & natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Honey, and Milk, for perfectly moisturized, clear and glowing skin
  • The DOY HydraLock series of Glycerin Bathing Bars, designed for better, richer, longer-lasting moisturization, to repair damaged skin and leave it feeling ultra-hydrated, soft and utterly smooth
  • The DOY Kids Range of Soaps, available in a range of unique shapes & colours that are designed for bath-time fun and adventure. These creamy cleansing bars gently cleanse & moisturize the child’s delicate skin, replenishing natural body oils and leaving skin soft, supple and healthy!
The DOY Nature Actives Collection also includes the first-of-its-kind Doy Aloe Vera soap and face wash. Doy Aloe Natural soap is original Aloe Vera soap with 100% natural bio-active Aloe Vera gel made from patented technology, that preserves the freshness and natural benefits of Aloe, and has been clinically proven for superior efficacy.
Explore the entire range here: www.DOYworld.com
“As a brand, DOY represents happy and beautiful living, not just on a superficial level, but by actually encouraging women to adopt a refreshing attitude and outlook towards life in general. Our products are designed to refresh & rejuvenate, thus helping women feel and look their best every day. VVF has developed this unique, natural ingredient-based blend to be offered to consumers at a very competitive price. In our pursuit of providing superior-quality products at affordable prices and to uphold our reputation as the ‘soap experts’, VVF continuously invests in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, R&D facilities as well as quality systems,” says Amarjit Mishra, Business Head – VVF Consumer Products Division.

DOY soap is manufactured and marketed by VVF, one of the world's leading producers of bar soaps. VVF manufactures and markets soaps under its own brands, and also manufactures soaps for some of the world’s leading soap brands, with a strong reputation as a world-renowned expert in bar soap technology. From launching the first kids-only soap to the launch of the uniquely-formulated Aloe Vera soaps and face-washes for adults, VVF is driven by a strong desire to create, innovate and excel.

Watch the film here: http://bit.ly/2KIwcYY Source: Businesswire