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26 Sep 2021, Edition - 2266, Sunday

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Evocus Creates a New Segment in Bottled Drinking Water Category

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A.V. Organics – an indigenous start-up venture – today announced the launch of ‘Evocus’, India’s first natural black alkaline water in Pune. This new category of bottled water has been developed specifically for 21st century Indian consumers to promote enhanced hydration and continued goodhealth needs. The Company has invested $1 million in setting up a fully-automated manufacturing and bottling plant, with an allied R&D unit, spread across 50,000 square feet in Vadodara, Gujarat. The facility has a capacity of producing 40 million bottles per year.


Evocus Picture

Over 70 natural trace minerals are infused into completely purified water, and bottled in a fully-automated, sterile, pharma-grade plant, untouched by human hands. The water receives its unique black colour from the blended natural minerals sourced from deep within the Earth’s crust, discovered by renowned scientist Dr. Nobert Chirase, from Texas, USA. Dr. Chirase holds a PhD in nutrition and is a leading nutritional consultant and an expert in health and wellness. He is a member of the board of A.V. Organics as a chief mentor and principal product consultant.


Evocus’ formulation provides superior and sustained hydration, better detoxification and improved metabolism benefits to today’s on-the-move consumers.


Aakash Vaghela, MD and Founder, A.V. Organics

In the words of Aakash Vaghela, Founder and Managing Director, A.V. Organics LLP, The introduction of Evocus a new category of black alkaline water in the Indian market is poised to transform the overall health and wellbeing of its users. Today, consumers especially the millennials and young adultsare more healthconscious, seeking healthier choices across product categories, including potable water. Given the citys higher concentration of millennials, who are more receptive to new healthy consumption concepts, Pune is an ideal destination for launching alkaline water offering enhanced hydration and better detoxification. Moreover, by bringing an international concept and manufacturing it in India, Evocusproduction plans are aligned with the Government of Indias Make in Indiainitiative. The bottom line is the myriad health benefits that Evocus offers to the Indian consumers – not only the young generation, but older adults as well.”


Priced at INR 100, Evocus is available in 500ml bottles across retail outlets and supermarkets in Pune. Evocus will be shortly available in other cities like Chandigarh, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennai, Indore and Vadodara within the next 6 months. The company plans to sell 3-5 million bottles in the first year. As part of its online distribution, the brand has partnered with Amazon and Snapdeal. Evocus is also available on their online store on the website www.drinkevocus.com


“Our highquality black water Evocus complies with national and international regulatory standards. The companys manufacturing plant will also create more jobs locally, raising industrial employment in the region. Regular training and upskilling programs will be conducted to continually enhance the skills of workers,Mr. Vaghela concluded.




Introducing Evocus H2O!


Here is a glimpse of the unveiling of Evocus – www.youtube.com/watch?v=pekZtWyisbc&feature=youtu.be.


Evocus is beneficial in five ways:


  1. Evocus is naturally alkaline, with a high pH value. It thus is a constant protection against acidity arising from rich foods, imbalanced diets, inadequate or inappropriate liquid intake, and many more causes. It minimises the need for pharmaceutical cures for acidity and related problems that are frequent in current day consumers

  2. The mineral content in Evocus provides superior and more sustained hydration. Evocus hydrates consumers to a greater extent than water, and what’s more, it provides more sustained hydration as well. This means, that in today’s fast-paced life, consumers can rely on Evocus to hydrated them faster and keep them hydrated for a longer period of time.

  3.  In modern day life, consumers ingest unhealthy quantities of pesticides and chemicals through daily foods, both ‘natural’ and processed. Further, their bodies are exposed to other toxins through use of food packaging, air and water pollution, and much more. These toxins attach themselves to our cells, leading to discomfort, ill-health and long term disease-risks.

  4. The balanced and natural mineral content in Evocus helps break down these toxins in our cells, and simultaneously purify our bloodstreams, thus helping our bodies to excrete these toxins much more fully and regularly. Detoxification is a sustained benefit that Evocus provides.

  5. While detoxification itself is huge benefit to human health and well-being, Evocus goes further. Its natural minerals enhance absorption and processing of all the nutrients in our food intake, allowing our bodies to absorb more of the goodness in all we eat and drink. This enhanced and improved metabolism is a third key benefit of Evocus.

  6. All the above – alkalinity, better hydration, detoxification and improved metabolism – directly contribute to a higher and more sustained level of alertness in consumers, young and old.  Regular intake of Evocus over time will not only result in healthier and alert individuals, it will also help minimise the risk of myriad illnesses and diseases.

Source: Newsvior

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