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18 Aug 2018, Edition - 1131, Saturday


  • The former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has passed away, a statement by the United Nations said
  • Odisha government sent a 240-member fire services team to carry out rescue operations in flood-ravaged Kerala
  • Bihar CM Nitish Kumar donates 10 crore for Kerala
  • 500 crore relief package announced for Kerala
  • PM Modi undertakes aerial survey of Kerala
  • Imran Khan Takes Oath As Pakistan’s New Prime Minister
  • KeralaFloods : PM Modi announces Rs 500 crore aid as immediate assistance to the state
  • Kerala floods: Virat Kohli, Sunil Chhetri, Sania Mirza come out urging people for help
  • 106 die in a day in flood-hit Kerala
  • PML-N president and the brother of jailed former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif, managed to secure just 96 seats

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3 Little Ways To Save Money Everyday


Saving money is one of those goals everyone sets for themselves at least once a month. But the truth is, spending money is just as easy as it is hard to save. No matter how much we think about saving money, the little temptations all around make it so hard. Especially when you spend so much time on the internet; how can you stop yourself from wanting and owning every second beautiful thing that you see? So while saving money is clearly a gargantuan task, there are ways to frugally lower your expenditure every month. Here are a few ways to save more money than you currently do.

1. Skip buying your coffee from outside

We’re not talking about when you meet up with a friend for coffee and order a cup to drink. We’re talking about making your way to a fairly expensive coffee shop to buy coffee every morning or during your work break every single day. Spending money on coffee everyday might seem like really innocent expenditure, but think about how much you could save every month if you invested in a good coffee machine or simply just made home-made coffee the good old-fashioned way.

2. Don’t forget to switch off those lights

And that air conditioner, or your geyser and that television. How many times have you had your TV on while you’re doing other chores around the house or left your air conditioner on for your room to be cool when you get back? These little expenses add up and leave you feeling sorry for yourself at the end of the month when that whopping electricity bill arrives. So be wise and make sure to switch all your electronics off before heading out. It’ll help you and as an added bonus, the environment.

3. Make a shopping list before hitting the stores

We understand that it can be super hard to stick to buying just what you need when you hit the mall, but focus. Making a list can help you do that. Look at your list and hit the aisles and stores that you absolutely need to. It’ll take some self control but we suspect you’ve got it!