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10 Jul 2020, Edition - 1823, Friday

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  • 2 labourers were injured after Pakistan’s Army fired to stop civilian bunker construction in Karnah, LOC.
  • Kanpur encounter case: Vikas Dubey has been arrested.

Health & Lifestyle

5 Easy-Peasy Workouts You Can Do WITHOUT Getting Out of the Bed


We know how desperately you want to get rid of those extra kilos that you’ve gained over the time. But gymming and dieting is wayyy too difficult to follow.

So what if we tell you that you can lose those extra kilos by just laying on your bed? Fascinating! Isn’t it? We have handpicked a list of exercises that will help you shed that flab without stepping out of your comfy bed.

1) The Side leg lift

How to do it:

Lie on the left side of your body with legs straight.
Now slowly lift your right leg straight towards the ceiling to form a 90-degree angle with another leg, then lower your leg.
Once you’re done, change the side and do the same procedure again.
Do 10 reps each side.
Where you’ll feel it: Butt and outer thigh

2) Scissor legs

How to do it:

To start with this exercise, lie on your back with legs straight.
Now rise both the legs towards the ceiling and try to keep them straight as much as possible.
Now lower your leg and bring it back to the starting position without touching down.
Do it with both legs simultaneously.
Do 20 reps for quick results.
Where you’ll feel it: Upper thigh

3) Tricep Dip

How to do it:

Place your hands shoulder-width apart on your bed.
Now lie down with your legs straight, slightly bending your knees.
Slowly lower your body until your shoulder joints are below your elbows.
Pull yourself back and do not lock your elbows.
Do 15 reps for better results.
Where you’ll feel it: Triceps

4) Hip Bridge

How to do it:

Lie down with your back straight with your knees bent.
Now lift your butt up with the help of your heels.
Pause for 2 seconds. Then lower your butt to the starting position.
Do 15 reps of it.
Where you’ll feel it: Butt and lower back

5) Knee Hugs

How to do it:

Sit down with your back straight making a 90 degree angle with your legs.
Now pull your right leg towards your chest. Hold it for 2 seconds.
Take back your leg to starting position. Repeat it with left leg as well.
Do at least 20 reps for quick results.
Where you’ll feel it: Hips and lower back

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