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The Secret to Achieving your New Year’s Fitness Goals

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Don’t set yourself up to fail in 2017. Lifestyle’s newest contributor, personal trainer Sam Wood, provides his top tricks to help you nail those health and fitness resolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions – every year they come around and more than likely, every year you ditch them before the end of January!

According to a US study, around 92 per cent of New Year’s resolutions fail. A major reason for this finding, is due to the fact that we start when we are not truly ready to begin. Deciding on January 1 to get fit or begin eating healthily on the back of a few weeks full of festive fun, isn’t always the best way to begin a new sustainable routine.

I suggest to my clients to begin in week 2 or 3 of January, once you have finally finished celebrating, as it can help you get and stay on track to reach your health and fitness goals.

January 1 can be a great catalyst for change, but the foundation to a plan and a deeper “why?” is needed. There needs to be a real reason to start your journey apart from the fact it is just a new calendar year.

The start is vital to maintaining any new health and fitness program and trying to achieve your resolutions while you are still suffering your silly season hangover isn’t going to work or make you feel better.

Here are three of my top tips to make sure, this year, you see your fitness resolutions through:

Remember it’s not a race

You are aiming for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, not just a quick fix. You are far better off taking a little longer to get there and have it last forever then go too hard, too early and burnout.

Also, making sure your desired outcome is realistic with your lifestyle, fitness level and exercise experience will give you the best chance at succeeding.

Have a big picture goal and break it into 4 week or 28 day blocks

Your ultimate goal may be to lose 10 kilos, but breaking this into manageable parts is going to help you stay motivated.

Set a realistic goal for each month and take it day by day. Be sure to celebrate the milestones – your first 2.5kgs down, when you reach 5kgs – and reward yourself with items that will help you keep momentum like new work out gear or running shoes that you have had your eye on.

Don’t beat yourself up or dwell on what you can’t change

If you stuff up, guess what… that makes you normal. Just make sure to learn from your mistakes and get back into it with the next work out or meal.

The motto for my 28 program is ‘progress, not perfection’ and I really believe this mindset is the best way to achieve any fitness or health goals.

You need to trust the process and once you have change your outlook to be in line with this, it will no longer be about hoping to achieve your aim. Instead it will be a matter of when.


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