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13 Apr 2024, Edition - 3196, Saturday

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Health & Lifestyle

Why Running Continues To Be One Of The Most Popular Workouts



Workouts have evolved greatly from doing sit-ups to a fitness disc playing on the TV. Today exercise happens in studios, gyms and swimming pools and includes everything from mermaid fins to bungee cords. From all the forms of exercise that currently exist; ranging from mundane to gimmicky, somehow running has managed to cut through the clutter and stay popular. Running for sport has existed for centuries and today in urban India, it continues to be one of the most chosen workouts for many age groups. For an expert’s perspective on the activity, we spoke to Ayesha Billimoria, Captain of Adidas Runners on running and why it’s such a great choice.

What sets running apart from other workouts is how easy it is to take up. You don’t need club memberships or athletic clothes, motivation is enough. Running can be picked up at almost any age and lends that fuzzy feel-good factor once you begin. “People have understood that it is not only about looking good but feeling good too. From good comfortable shoes to gear, to rehabilitation facilities and strength training studios, to a clean and healthier eating lifestyles,” says Ayesha. There are many more factors that go into a good, heart-pumping run but make it possible in your life and the benefits that follow are many.

“Running not only builds a good cardiovascular base but also has a great feel-good factor. Invigorating, rejuvenating and satisfying are the three benefits one takes out of running. Today’s lifestyle pattern brings about so much stress and anxiety with concrete structures boxing us in, we forget that we are actually human animals and have this innate sense to quite literally run free,” advises Ayesha.

Apart from the fact that’s it’s free, excellent for your health and does wonders for your leg muscles, are these reasons enough for you to lace up and go for a run? We think so. Ayesha adds, “In my understanding, people are looking to be a part of something bigger and running seems to be a culture right now. Not just as fitness enthusiast or athlete, I would like to see India adopt running as a long-term culture.”

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