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19 Apr 2024, Edition - 3202, Friday

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Health Matters

Ayurveda For Eyes: Home Remedies And Diet Tips To Follow During Summers



Imagine the world without the efficient functioning of the eyes; blank, isn’t it? Summers are upon us and it is time to take extra care of them, especially as they are most exposed to heat, sun, pollution, et al, which may further lead to weaker eyesight, conjunctivitis, pre-mature macular degeneration and vision problems. While one of the best ways to take care of your eyes is to wash them with water, it is imperative to load up on healthy foods in order to ensure a healthy pair of eyes. Ayurveda is known to consider food just as powerful as medicine.

Similarly, it suggests some foods that may help strengthen your eye health.According to the book, ‘The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies’ by Dr. Vasant Lad, individuals who work in front of a computer for a long time, watch a lot of television or movies, or live in a city with high air pollution, may find their eyes become irritated and strained. The irritation may be due to the dryness of conjunctiva that results from excess vata dosha, or it may be related to excess hyper-acidity or pitta dosha in stomach. Liver and eyes are closely related, so one of the reasons can be problems occurring in the liver.

Here are some of the essential home remedies as suggested by Ayurveda in order to keep your eyes healthy.

1.According to the book, you can prepare a solution of rose water. Use a dropper or an eye cup; make sure the water is neither too hot nor too cold. A drop or two in the eye will help soothe the irritation. Here’s how you can make rose water at home.

2.The book also suggests putting a single drop of pure castor oil into your eyes at bedtime. Make sure the oil does not contain any preservative.

3.According to the book, ‘Home Doctor’ by Dr. P.S. Phadke, if you experience redness, pain or even swelling in the eyes, boil a teaspoon of turmeric in two cups of water. Reduce it to a cup and let it cool. Strain four to five times with a muslin cloth. This extract can then be used as an eye drop. Use it at least three to four times a day.

4.Infusions made of coriander seeds or fennel seeds can be used as cold eye-washes.

5.If there is only a burning sensation in the eyes, cold compress will work. In fact, direct cold application of a little cream of cow’s milk or fresh yogurt will also help soothe the eyes. Make sure the application is cold.

Here are some foods that Ayurvedic expert Ram N Kumar at NirogStreet suggests to consume in order to keep your eyesight strong.

1.Triphala churna: One of the best ingredients of triphala is amlaki or amla, which is known for being the best sources of vitamin C. It helps prevent the development of cataract.

2.Amla: Amla has one of the most important antioxidants called vitamin C. It not only helps boost immunity, but also strengthens your eyesight.

3.Spinach: Spinach or palak is one such leafy vegetable that is known to replenish the body with antioxidants and essential nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C along with iron and calcium.

4.Milk: Milk is a good source of riboflavin that is known to cut the risk of developing cataracts. It is also fortified with vitamin A, one of the best nutrients for maintaining eye health.

5.Carrots: Carrots come packed with beta-carotene that gets converted into vitamin A, a nutrient that is good for eye health.

6.Citrus fruits: Oranges, lemon, et al are rich in vitamin B-12 and beta-carotene that helps you maintain eyesight.

7.Almonds: Almonds are generally good for health. They contain Vitamin E that guards against unstable molecules that target healthy tissue.

Go ahead and follow these handy tips in order to ensure healthy eyes and a strengthened eyesight.

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