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10 Jun 2023, Edition - 2888, Saturday

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Health Matters

Ladies, Just 30 Minutes of Exercise Can Make You Feel Positive



We know that regular exercise is good to keep yourself active and fit, but a new study suggests that it can also help in making women feel positive and confident about their body. According to a research, conducted by experts from the University of British Columbia, working out for just 30 minutes can have an immediate positive effect on a woman’s health. The study indicates that exercising does not only offer physical health benefits but it can also help women feel better, especially those who are a bit concerned and insecure about their body image.

Researchers Martin Ginis along with her graduate student Lauren Salci believe that women tend to think negatively about their bodies and this can impact their psychological and physical health leading to low self-esteem, depression and even eating disorders. Therefore, they set out to understand how exercise can help in mitigating these negative feelings.

For the study, they compared the body image and physical perceptions of women who completed 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise with those who sat and read instead. The results showed that women in the exercise group experienced significant improvements in their body image as compared to those who didn’t exercise. Interestingly, it was noted that this immediate positive effect lasted for at least 20 minutes after exercising.

The research team explained that this positive effect was not due to a change mood but because exercising made these women feel stronger and thinner. We’ve all been through days where we don’t really feel great about our body and how we look. This study establishes that on such days all you need to do is indulge in a quick 30 minute workout session to get some motivation, generate positive thoughts and feel encouraged instantly.

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