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06 Dec 2023, Edition - 3067, Wednesday

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Health Matters

Prevention is better than cure: All about the common flu and the deadly Nipah

Indrani Thakurata


Flu is also referred to as influenza. It is a kind of illness caused because of some virus. Flu is a contagious disease and can spread through an infected person to others. A person with such infection should try to stay at home and avoid contacting other people as much as possible. Also once you get such infection you must visit a doctor timely so that it can be treated in the best possible way. Dietician Sheela Seharawat talks about causes, symptoms and prevention

Things to do when you get flu are discussed below:

1)Drink a good amount of fluids. By fluids, it is not necessarily meant you should drink water. You can drink soup, fruits juices as well.

2)Take plenty of rest and avoid going outside if possible.

3)Eat healthy food which is freshly prepared.

4)Take more care of your personal hygiene.

5)Cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing. You can wear a mask as well.

You must eat some food items for fast recovery from flu. Diet for various types of flu is listed below:

1) Yogurt: As it contains protein it will help you to build your immunity system strong.

2) Fruits rich in vitamin C: Strawberries, tomatoes are very rich in vitamin C, there are several benefits of consuming them.

3) Oatmeal: It is a natural source of improving immune system like any other whole grain and is very nutritious.

4) Garlic: Apart from adding flavors to your food, garlic also helps in fast recovery from flu. You can eat raw garlic as well. It is not required to have it through any supplement.

Flu type A, B, C, D are some common types of flu. Recently Nipah Virus is causing several severe diseases both in case of animals and humans. It is a virus which is getting transmitted from animals to humans. Sources through which this virus can be transferred are bats, pigs, and humans which are infected by Nipah virus. Some common symptoms of Nipah virus are fever, severe headache, respiratory problems, some kind of mental confusion and drowsiness. Symptoms of Nipah virus are very similar to any type of influenza flu. If you experience any of these symptoms, there is no need to panic. Visit a doctor at earliest for treatment.

Following are some methods for prevention of Nipah virus:

1) If an infected person is around you, strictly avoid only close contact with him/her.

2)Before eating always wash your hands.

3)Do not eat fruits, vegetables which are partially eaten.

4)Avoid any kind of exposure with infected bats and pigs.

5)If possible do not travel to the infected area.

As currently there is no vaccine available for Nipah virus. To ensure your safety you can follow some precautions which you can take with food items you eat. Some of these precautions are listed below:

1)Wash vegetable and fruits properly and you can even boil if possible.

2)Stop consuming date palm for some time.

3)Avoid eating fruits which are brought from an infected area.

4)Make sure that fruits you are eating are not bitten by bats.

Nipah virus is a deadly virus and is most likely to affect the brain of the infected person. Also at a later stage, it can lead to organ failure. If you have been to the infected area recently or came in contact with an infected person then you must go for diagnosis to be on the safer side. The best way to keep yourself safe from such virus is to follow all prevention methods. There can be several causes of flu. To stay healthy and fit always follow a balanced diet, eat good, do exercise and follow necessary prevention measures.

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