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27 Nov 2022, Edition - 2693, Sunday

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Health Matters

The joys of summer: Benefits of taking bath in cold water

Indrani Thakurata


You know why ‘thande thande paani se nahana chahiye?’ Ofcourse the instant relief from the heat tops it. But there are so many hidden benefits of just standing under the shower, that you will be amazed. What could be more refreshing and rejuvenating than a cold water shower in a hot summer day and especially after spending the entire day under the hot sun? Since ancient times, hot water used to be luxury, most of them use to bathe in cold water. Well! Saying it, cold showers have proven to have amazing advantages on our health and overall well-being.

Sheela Seharawata, Founding member of Diet Clinic gives us a long list of benefits that can be attributed to bathing in cold water alike: Reducing Inflammation,, Triggering the process of natural detoxification, Decreasing excess white body fat, Boosting immune system, Enhancing sleep quality, Boosting sexual performance and improving fertility, Increasing pain tolerance threshold, Enhancing hormone production, Reducing food cravings, Decreasing uric acid levels, and Increasing glutathione, the body’s most powerful antioxidant.

Cold Showers are more than just Cleaning

Before we deep dive into knowing the benefits of cold showers, let’s first understand that it helps more than just cleaning ourselves. It helps improving our skin’s look and feel, protects the hairs from damages and even boosts weight loss.

While medical practitioners no longer refer to hydrotherapy, and prescribe cold baths, a splash of cold water on the body have many valued health advantages, such as:

It helps in improving immunity

People who shower daily in cold water have proved to increase in the number of white blood cells in the body which fights viruses. The increase in body’s metabolic rate that happens because of the body’s attempt to warm up helps in activating the immune system and thereby releases more of WBCs.

Helps increasing energy levels and overall well-being

Cold showers are a great anecdote for laziness and lethargy. Bathing in cold water will help you fell energized and invigorated, as your heat starts pumping hard and the rush of blood through your body shakes you up. It is just like drinking a can of a super energy drink and getting charged.

Helps stimulating blood circulation

The thought of running cold water through your body in the morning might make you feel atrocious, but actually pouring a mug of cold water or taking a shower propagates a deep inhaling response to the body’s shock that helps keeping warm, as increases our overall oxygen intake and hereby increasing our heart rate and releasing a rush of blood throughout our entire body.

Works as instant anti-depression relieving us from stress

Cold water exposure activates our system, as it alleviates symptoms of depression owing to its impacts of cold receptors in our skin that communicates electrical impulses from the peripheral nerve to the brain. This in turn increases the beta-endorphin and vasoconstrictors in our blood and reduces depression. Shower with chilled water simultaneously sends electrical impulses from the brain that causes antidepressant outcomes and reduces stress and boosts up your mood.

It aids in weight loss

The body needs more energy to get back to warm after a cold shower. The body’s metabolism boosts up, thus creating more calorie deficit. Also, shivering after a cold water bath helps burn more calories. The muscles are constantly working and the body tries to warm itself up thereby initiating fat loss, instead of weight loss. Bathing in ice cold chilled water is more effective and it also helps recovery of muscles from injuries and workouts.

It is important to note that if you have been using warm or hot water to bathe, slowly start decreasing the temperature of the water instead of switching instantly. People with certain conditions like suffering from heart diseases, having high blood pressure and having fever should strictly avoid cold showers as it can shock the body’s system.

Right after the first cold shower, you will start to observe its benefits and it’s going to get better with more.

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