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04 Dec 2022, Edition - 2700, Sunday

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Health Matters

Top Dietitian Says Banana Peels Can Help You Lose Weight



Banana is one of the most common and loved fruits we have around us. It has been in and out for decades and has always remained at the top in everyone’s favourite fruits’ list. We love the soft, mushy inside of the fruit so much that we never bothered to pay attention to its hard peel. We are more than happy to break it to you that banana peel, which we mindlessly throw away, can actually bring a range of health benefits to you, most important one being – weight loss!. Yes, banana peel is as nutritious as the fruit inside it.

Susie Burrell, one of the leading nutritionists from Australia claims that banana peel is extremely nutritious and can be included in your weight loss diet. Susie Burrell is a savant of nutritional science who believes in healthy eating and shuns diets promoting deprivation.

This video explains how banana peel can bring winds of change in your health and wellness. You’ll be surprised to find out how much dietary fibre you can find in banana peel. Fibre is one the very few nutrients that greatly help in shedding excessive weight while boosting the digestion system. It keeps the stomach sated for a long time and curbs in-between-the-meals cravings.

That’s not all. Banana peel brims with many other nutrients that may aid weight loss and offer other health benefits as well. For instance, Susie Burrell says that yellow banana peel is super rich in antioxidants, and the green peel contains lots of amino acid tryptophan and a certain type of fibre that helps in keeping gut healthy.

According to the nutritionist, banana peel will provide you with a lot more vitamins like vitamin B6 and vitamin C, and minerals like potassium and magnesium, if you consume it with the flesh inside it.

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