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10 Dec 2023, Edition - 3071, Sunday

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Newlook Laser Clinic has Introduced Cutting-Edge Laser Technology for Pain Free Hair Removal

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India
The introduction of the light sheer duet is a boost to the laser treatment industry. People can now get rid of unwanted hair faster, safer and more efficiently with little or no side effects. The light sheer duet delivers treatment to all types and various hair colours.

The light sheer duet offers a safe way to get rid of unwanted hair. This service is for both men and women. Removing unwanted hair has never been faster and more reliable. It also saves you from the pain of going through hair plucking and waxing.

According to Mrs. Manisha “Shaving, hair plucking and waxing can be painful and worrisome and provides only a short-term result.” Laser hair removal through Light Sheer Duet Laser Technology is the perfect solution for permanent hair reduction. This process is achieved because laser targets the hair roots and permanently stunts the hair growth. It saves you the time of regular hair treatment that provides a temporary solution.

The Light Sheer Duet is a step ahead in technology. It consists of a large handpiece that enables the treatment of a significant portion at once. There are two types of the light sheer duets, the ChillTip and the Vacuum-assisted. The ChillTip cools the skin down before and during treatment. It compresses the skin before applying the laser to damage target. The Vacuum-assisted is a reverse process. This process consists of pulling the skin closer to the light source. The skin is then stretched thin before the laser is applied.

Some of the advantages of the vacuum-assisted laser hair removal include its efficacy. Chromophores competition is highly reduced, which enables a high delivery of laser energy efficiently. It is also a safe procedure. The absorption level of energy by the epidermis is low. It also requires a more moderate fluency as the target area is pulled closer to the source of energy. The amount of pain is also reduced. This process activates tactile which helps to inhibit the transmission of painful sensations.

The light sheer duet is inherently beneficial when considering time and spot size. The firing time is speedy and a significant portion can be treated at once. The firing time is about once every second. It speeds up the entire hair removal process. Mrs. Manisha when speaking about laser hair removal states that “Most laser hair removal devices come with a tiny energy spot size. These range from spot sizes smaller or larger than the thumb. The light sheer duet comes with a big energy spot size. This helps to cut down the procedure time from about one and a half hour to roughly 15-25 minutes for chest treatment."

With previous inventions in the laser hair removal industry, only light and dark hair could be cured. The light sheer duet has made it possible to cure all kinds of hair colour. It also works on all skin types. Unlike the conventional laser, which is ineffective in treating people with very light hair, the light sheer duet is designed for a wide range of hair colour. Whether you are dark, light skinned or red, it works perfectly. No laser in the market today guarantees you the same results.
Source: Businesswire