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27 Jan 2023, Edition - 2754, Friday

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Niine: Focussed on Quality and Safety

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India

There have been ongoing debates on sanitary napkins vs. cloth, emerging claims and issues being highlighted on biodegradability, organic, reusable and so on. All said and done, sanitary napkins offer the safest menstrual hygiene possible and when disposed currently, do the least amount of damage to the environment vs. exposed cloth, hay which not only profile fertile grounds for the spread of bacteria but also contaminate the environment. Indian women need access to safe menstrual hygiene for improvement in their health and to minimize cases of rising infertility caused by poor hygiene.

At Niine we focus on delivering clean, safe and affordable sanitary napkins to Indian women, matching global standards. Shudh Plus Hygiene manufactures Niine Sanitary Napkins at its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Niine sanitary napkins are designed and developed by hygiene experts in the USA, who have decades of experience in research and development of safe products for menstrual hygiene. Pulp and top sheets used in the making of our sanitary napkin are imported too, to ensure highest grade absorbent, clean and safe materials are being used to deliver the best possible experience to women and help them stay compliant with safe means of hygiene. Our sanitary napkins are ink-free, minimizing the use of chemicals to the extent possible, and are pH tested to ensure they are under the body’s natural tolerance levels.

Niine is made at a manufacturing facility that is ISO 901:2015 QMS certified and our products have been approved by 3 laboratories for Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) accreditation and is BIS certified. Highest quality and testing standards are adopted, with planned and regular testing of our commercial batches. Samples are tested in house for defects as well as product safety in the house, as well as in labs all over India and occasionally at SGS France to ensure quality compliance.
Vijay Sharma, Plant Head at Shudh Plus Hygiene Products with rich experience in quality and safety management, trains each new recruit in hygiene and quality management. The plant has adopted good manufacturing practices and has clear and well demarcated areas for movement of manpower and ensuring its products are made in as clear and sterile an environment as possible.

Gaurav, Co-founder who has been actively involved in manufacturing shares how Niine’s vision for growth has been built with a strong focus on quality, consistency and affordability adopting highest standards possible. Supplier choices were made using strict quality and hygiene criteria, and our constant endeavor has been to offer affordable quality. Our products may not be the cheapest available in the market, but are competitively priced and highly affordable for average Indian consumer. Gaurav shared how Niine is constantly innovating and expanding its product range while ensuring even its cheapest offering has the same quality and hygiene standard as its more premium products in the stable. “Our constant endeavor is to ensure our products are safe and help improve the health of women, using them”, he said.
Richa Singh, CEO for the company highlighted how sanitary napkins are one of the safest means of menstrual hygiene for women as well as the environment when correctly disposed and destroyed. She said going back to the roots may not always be the right thing. Our lifestyles have changed and we no longer live in open, sunlit houses. Where it was possible to wash and sun dry cloth decades ago, women using cloth today face a challenge in drying cloth , often leaving it damp and ripe for fungal and bacterial growth. Unsafe disposal of cloth or hay, poses another challenge to the environment. Niine’s sealable biodegradable disposal bags and resalable ultra-packaging carry forward Niine’s focus on safety and hygiene.

Dispelling many myths floating around on sanitary napkins, and their health hazards, Niine believes the highly sanitized manufacturing conditions of good quality sanitary napkins, make these much safer than ordinary cloth which may be damp or unclean. Quality napkins are pH tested in labs and also tried and tested by several panelists before commercial launches, to ensure safety and minimize chances of any product related discomfort.
Let's make careful product and brand choices and not shy away from offerings that can help improve our health and lifestyle. Source: Businesswire