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18 Jun 2024, Edition - 3262, Tuesday

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RG Stone Discusses the Causes and Treatment Options for Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India
RG Stone Urology and Laparoscopy Hospital, since its establishment in 1986, has been committed to improving the health of all the members of the community by providing advanced, patient-centered, and cost-effective care in a stress-free, compassionate environment. One of the major treatments it specializes in is kidney stones in pregnant women.

Most people are not aware that kidney stones occur frequently during pregnancy and are one of the main reasons for abdominal pain during this time. Women during their second and third trimesters experience the symptoms of kidney stones. In most cases, there is no medical intervention required; however, doctors warn that extreme pain can induce labour and therefore, consultation with a specialist is must in case of pain and other symptoms.

During the discussion, urologist at RG stone spoke about the numerous aspects which contribute to the formation of kidney stones during pregnancy. Inadequate fluid intake, Genes, UTIs, were stated as the common reasons. Here’s a list of the top reasons:
  • Insufficient fluid intake leads to highly concentrated urine with soaring levels of calcium and phosphorus.
  • A genetic makeup dictates how the body responds to certain situations. A woman with a family history of kidney stones has a higher chance of developing the disease
  • During pregnancy your kidneys tend to secrete more calcium into the urine (hypercalciuria) which leads to more chances of crystallization and stone formation.
  • Urinary Tract Infections and obstruction in urine flow, can lead to crystal formation
A Senior Surgeon stated, “We have diagnosed patients experiencing psychosomatic and emotional changes. They require special care and advanced treatments, which we provide.” They say that a woman may notice symptoms with regards to kidney stones during pregnancy if she listens to her body. The Surgeon continued, “It is essential to listen to what the body is telling you. If a woman is able to identify the signs and symptoms quickly, the chances are she can be treated with just some remedial measures and mild medication without the need for surgery.” 
It is always better to be ‘safe than sorry’ and physicians at RG Stone can help identify as well as diagnose changes in biological systems. Treatment options for an expectant mother are based on the pregnancy trimester, and it is best to follow the doctor’s advice, without fail, to ensure the health of both the mother and the baby.

One of the first things is to increase water consumption, and a urologist will inform the patient clearly on how much is safe to drink. Water and other fluids can help in diluting the organic salts, minerals, and urine, thereby dissolving smaller stones. Fruits and vegetables with high water content provide the same benefits.

And above all of it, the doctors strictly say no to the consumption of commercially prepared juices because of artificial sweeteners and salts – considered the primary cause of kidney stones.

Regular follow-ups and check-ups with the specialist are necessary for kidney stone treatment and medications containing acetaminophen will be recommended for pain. However, if pain medication doesn’t help and if there is any indication of preterm labor or an infection, then the only option left is the surgical intervention. 

We have both rigid and flexible ureteroscope. Flexible ureteroscope helps to look into each and every corner of the kidney so that we can ensure complete clearance of stone.
Source: Businesswire