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04 Dec 2022, Edition - 2700, Sunday

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7 Benefits of Using a Savings Interest Calculator

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Savings is the backbone of a financially sound future; not only to manage your basic expenditure but other necessary expenditures such as your children’s education, marriage, medical emergencies and most importantly, your retirement life.

If you continue to save – whether through your savings account, fixed deposits, or any other savings scheme, your savings can exponentially grow after accumulating interests. In other words, you accumulate more than you put.

That said, knowing how much you can accumulate helps your financial planning. But calculating that figure can be tricky. However, a savings interest calculator can be of huge help.

What is a Savings Interest Calculator?

A savings interest calculator is an online algorithm-based calculator that can help you create a promising savings plan. It can tell you how much you can save monthly to reach your savings goal. It can also tell you the amount you’ll accumulate after compound interest when you add to your savings regularly.

Here are some benefits of using a Savings Interest

1. Helps Financial Planning

Successful financial planning paves way for a financially bright future. A financial plan can not only prepare you for your present expenditure but your future as well. It also can improve your financial standing. As financial planning involves a thorough analysis of your expenditure and savings, knowing how much savings you can accumulate after interest and return with the help of a savings calculator, can help your financial planning.

2. Helps you Take Better Financial Decisions.

Want to buy a new car or a new house but are not sure if it can damage your savings? A savings interest calculator can be of help.

For instance, it can tell you if you are financially capable of purchasing a new car without risking your financial capabilities in the future. That is to say, when you know the amount, you will save over time if you continue to save and invest, you can easily make out if purchasing a car would be a financially wise decision.

3. Helps your Short-Term Goals

This goes without saying that a savings interest calculator can help your long terms goals of saving. But it can also help your short-term goals.

For instance, if you want to go out for a family vacation abroad but you don’t want to spend from the savings you already have, a savings interest calculator can help.
It can tell you how much you can save over a period of time to accumulate the adequate funds you would need for the vacation.

4. It Can Tell You Where to Invest

If you are wondering what is investment good for when your goal is to save, allow us a moment. You don’t have to depend on reducing your expenditure to increase your savings. You can invest in investment schemes formulated by private and government institutions to further increase your savings.

That said, not all investment schemes offer the same returns. It’s essential to know which investment scheme would. A reliable and efficient investment and savings calculator always takes into account the investment scheme you are choosing to provide you results accordingly. These results can tell you which investment schemes would be the most suitable to meet your financial goals.

5. Gives you the Liberty to Invest

Whether it is investing in equity, or in investment plans, you cannot invest if you don’t have the financial luxury. When you know you can generate enough savings after using a savings calculator, you can consider using some portion of the savings to invest in equity and debt instruments to multiply your wealth.

6. Helps you Create Reserves

The future comes with lots of heavy expenses – be it your children’s education, their marriage, your retirement. You have to save for every category of expense. A reserve can help. You can consider reserves as retained earnings designed to handle contingencies.
A savings interest calculator can help by letting you know how much you should invest in a certain reserve to accumulate the desired amount.

7. Can Help you Prepare for Inflation

Inflation has never been kinder to anybody’s pocket. In future, it won’t be either. That is to say,

if your cost of living is on the higher end today, it will further increase owing to inflation. If you save according to the current rate, it would be very likely that your savings might lose value after a few years. Reliable savings interest calculators always take inflation into account when they give you a number. It can tell you if you will meet your financial goal in the defined timeline or not.

If not, then you might have to consider increasing your savings.

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