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16 Apr 2024, Edition - 3199, Tuesday

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Looking for the Right Solar Inverter Price that Fits Your Pocket? Find out.

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Every solar installation need inverters since they are the brain of the operation. The inverter’s main job is to change the DC power from the solar array into AC power that can be used. However, the capabilities of the inverter are constantly evolving.

As a result, installers and owners can view inverters as all-rounders. Besides the power of inverters, the solar inverter price is another point most are curious to know.

Dive Deeper to Understand Solar Inverters

The solar inverter can tackle the power outage issue. First, a photovoltaic (PV) cell found inside a solar panel is used to collect energy from sunlight. After that, the solar inverter system stores and provides electricity. The solar panel’s PV cell transforms solar energy from the sunlight into a DC supply. Then a solar inverter system converts DC into AC. During a power outage, you can use all the features of the solar inverter if you need to. The best part is that these solar inverters’ price is affordable, and their features are enormous.

How Do Solar Inverters Help?

This environmentally beneficial method of delivering power based on the needs of people encourages a micro-level sustainable approach. There are many reasons to install a solar inverter system. Here are the most important ones:

● Advantageous from an economic standpoint, solar inverters offer solid long-term returns. In addition, savings are possible since your system is not using grid electricity to keep the battery charged. Instead, the sun’s rays are recharging your battery system!

● Environmental benefit: You are already environmental friendly by using solar energy to power your home. It reduces the burden on your main power supply because the inverter system uses less energy to maintain its power reserve. In turn, this lessens the load on power plants and lowers the likelihood of a widespread power outage.

● The solar inverter prices are also low. They are available in different ranges and accordingly have features boarded.

Consider the Solar Inverter Price as well as the Features it Offers

Because you need to install the solar inverter in a location that gets the most sunlight, you must also consider the device’s size.

● Examine the battery’s performance, including the time needed to fully charge, the rate of discharge, the battery lifetime, and other factors.

● Ensure the product is durable, with strong materials to resist high heat easily.

● Additionally, confirm whether or not the solar inverter is used with a power grid.

● Plus, look at the solar inverter price you would be paying for the specifications it carries.

What are the Differences Between Solar and Conventional Inverters?

Solar Inverters-

● Should be connected to solar panels to obtain energy

● Depending on the product, batteries can readily deliver power up to 3 kilowatts

● Depending on the region and weather, they are typically eco-friendly and may be charged quickly and easily

● Solar inverter price is high

Conventional Inverters-

● Connecting to the electric power grid is necessary

● Possesses standard batteries incapable of delivering significant power

● Environmentally unfriendly, with no reliance on the weather, and requiring a lengthy charging period for the battery’s

● Low inverter price range

Factors affect the Solar Inverter Price

There are over 327 models available in the country, and it is important to check the solar inverter price list before you decide to buy any. The following parameters affect the price of these inverters:

1. Load Requirement: Calculate the load requirement before deciding which inverter to buy. Calculations for inverter battery backup duration include:

a. Backup time is calculated as Battery Watt Hour (Wh) / Connected Load (Watts) (W)
b. Battery power in Wh= battery capacity in AH times battery voltage (V) multiplied by the number of batteries.

2. Type of Inverter:

a. Sine Wave Inverter
b. Square Wave Inverters
c. Modified Sine Wave Inverter

3. Technology: Different technologies and characteristics will be built in depending on where usage of the inverter. The technology is primarily either MPPT or PWT. A decision should only be taken once the technology is understood.

Now, what next should you do?

Now that you understand solar inverters and what they are, and what solar inverter prices would be, the decision will be easy to opt for the right solar inverter. Basic knowledge is extremely important; with zero understanding of the technology, all the money you have poured into the technology will go in vain. Once the technology is clear, deciding upon the budget is the next crucial decision.

It is quite clear that solar inverter prices are high, and now that they offer additional facilities, it will add on more cost. However, some of the extra benefits that the most loved inverters offer are:

● It has a bypass feature to guarantee a steady supply of power
● Automatic temperature-control
● Protects the battery from any harm
● It can capture a lot of solar energy and give reliable power to appliances.
● Produces only
sine waves
● It has a fast-charging feature
● Simple to connect to and unplug from the grid system
● Both the solar and the electrical grid can be connected to it.
● With the help of the smartphone app, you can manage the system
● Doesn’t make any noise when working
● Will prevent fees for any connected appliances

Aren’t all these amazing features to have? Well, shedding some money must bring you great specifications. So if you are looking for the right solar inverter price, check Luminous today.

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