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07 Oct 2022, Edition - 2642, Friday

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Beatboxing Evolving Slowly in Coimbatore

Shrusthi D


The hip-hop culture is stepping up everywhere. Beatboxing or B-boying, rapping, deejaying, turntabling, MCing (microphone commentator), graffiti painting are evolving in Coimbatore also. In restaurants, events, social programs, even in marriages-deejaying and rapping are often seen.

Beatboxing or B-boying is an art of mimicking musical instruments, imitation of turntablism or other sounds. It is a form of vocal art using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice. Beatboxing today is connected with hip-hop culture, often referred to as “the fifth element” of hip-hop, although it is not limited to hip-hop music. It is generally used to refer to instrumental mimicking in general.

Beatboxing in Coimbatore is not as popular as in Chennai and Bangalore. All the same, the youth here is getting more interested in hip-hop culture than before. Many talented students learn rapping and beatboxing through the internet. Students these days have initiated some activities to develop the hip-hop culture in Coimbatore.

Knowledge of beatboxing among the people is very low. Beatboxing and rapping are being considered as entertainment only. To develop the hop-hop culture and to make a platform on their own, students form their own crew and perform in events and functions. There are some groups/crew and community notably conducting or participating in some social gatherings and events.

People seem to enjoy high energy beatboxing and rapping. But their reach is limited. Beatboxing is less harmful to vocal cords than singing. Many of us will have been intrigued by the sound of beat boxing at some point as a highly skilled vocal percussion.

“Rappers and beatboxers in Coimbatore are comparatively less from Chennai and other metropolitan cities. Unlike other cities there are only limited communities and crews and not widely recognized. Present rappers and beatboxers are initiating activities to develop the true hip-hop culture in Coimbatore. We are making a platform on our own for developing the beat boxing and rapping culture in Coimbatore also”. Says Dinesh Kumar, young entrepreneur, rapper and one of founders of ’The Thandavs’ (independent hip-hop music band)

“Beatboxing is a big part of hip hop culture. In addition to drum sounds, beatboxing can involve singing, imitating a record player and making sounds like a wide variety of different musical instruments with SFX sounds. Beatboxing has been followed as culture in Bombay and other western cities. Beatboxers in Tamil Nadu are a scattered lot. There is no community specially formed for beatboxing in Coimbatore. It is a unique talent that is less appreciated in the south. “Says Jithendra, student beatboxer, one of the founders of ‘The Thandavs’.

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