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18 Apr 2024, Edition - 3201, Thursday

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Cancer in children is curable

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It is a matter of concern that India has a high prevalence of childhood cancer. Statistics reveal that every year 50,000 children in India between 0-18 years are diagnosed with cancer, and experts feel that the actual numbers may be higher. Cancer can affect children of any age and any section of the society.

International childhood cancer day is celebrated every year on February 15th to create and promote childhood cancer awareness using a gold ribbon. Gold Ribbon symbolizes childhood cancer awareness. Children are precious and pure like gold. In view of their courage, determination and strength they conquer cancer and emerge victorious as heroes.

The commonest cancer in children is blood cancer followed by brain tumors and other solid organ cancers. The common symptoms of blood cancer include easy fatigability, anemia, bleeding from skin and gums, enlarged lymph nodes, liver and spleen, bone and joint pain. It is important to note that these signs and symptoms may not be manifestations of blood cancer all the time but parents should seek a pediatrician’s advice in such situations and if suspicion of blood cancer is strong they should be evaluated in a pediatric oncology unit. Severe headache with forceful vomiting, seizures, rapidly enlarging head size in infants, abnormal walking style and behavior can point towards a possible brain cancer. Any rapidly growing swelling anywhere in the body, from head to foot can be a possible solid cancer. Early diagnosis and providing appropriate treatment will help in achieving a better outcome in these children.

According to Dr. Rumesh Chandar, Pediatric Oncologist at PSG Hospitals, for the best outcomes, children with cancer ought to be treated holistically by a team of specialists headed by a pediatric oncologist along with other allied specialists. The greatest challenge in the treatment of childhood cancers is finding a continued social and financial support for the families. PSG hospitals being forefront in health care sector, to effectively deal with this situation, has set up a comprehensive Pediatric Oncology Unit headed by a Pediatric oncologist, Pediatric Surgeons, Pediatric oncology nurses, radiation Oncologists and a good social support system to provide affordable cancer care to the kids less than 18 years of age. The International Childhood Cancer Day theme for this year is ” better survival is achievable THROUGH YOUR HANDS.” Let us all come forward to Close the gap in providing affordable childhood cancer care through our hands.

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