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24 Apr 2024, Edition - 3207, Wednesday

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Chetan Bhagat Lights Up Third Day Of Transforming India Conclave

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It was a splendid conclusion to the Transforming India Conclave of the SSVM Group of Institutions on the third and final day of the event. Various speakers from across the country spoke at the event, including Chetan Bhagat, Deepa Aathreya, and Harun Robert who inspired students and teachers. In indulging the best and brightest young Indians, the conclave was successful.

Transforming India Conclave 22 offered students ample opportunity to demonstrate their entrepreneurship skills and inspired them to improve their abilities. The event allowed budding entrepreneurs to gain exposure and feel inspired by like-minded individuals and Teachers were also recognized for their hard work and dedication to teaching. After three incredible days, the event has come to an end, it was an amazing experience with an opportunity to meet prominent people. The first-of-its-kind event where students can pitch their entrepreneurial ideas to a panel of industry experts to refine their projects further, as well as recognize teachers who are dedicated to students’ growth and success.

Chetan Bhagat, Indian author, columnist, and Youtuber at Transforming India Conclave 22.

Chetan Bhagat, Indian author, columnist, and Youtuber gave a thought-provoking speech on “Life: Success and Happiness”. He talked about success and how people perceive success differently “Don’t be afraid to have your definition of success”. He explained the importance of consistency and insisted on consistency is the key to achieving your goals and dreams. He insisted on how pain is not something to be escaped but endured to succeed in life. During his closing remarks, he stressed the importance of maintaining consistent habits and becoming meticulous while learning them.

Deepa Athreya, Founder of The ALT School gave an inspiring speech on her life experience of struggles. In her speech, she discussed her insecurities and how a teacher changed her life by recognizing her skills that she didn’t even know she had. Deepa shared her life experiences on ups and downs and spoke about her struggling days “ I had 120rs in my wallet I took my babies, took a bus, went to a wholesale market in Chennai, picked up a packet of balloons for 100rs, came back to besant Nagar beach, that evening. Sold balloons that evening one ballon at 10rs minus convenience, some balloons that popped away I made about 800rs profit”. Deepa shared her experiences on how she grew her network from selling ballon at the beach to telling stories at the beach to storytelling at schools. As she concluded, she explained how teachers and students share a special bond “A teacher can break a child or make a child”

Prasiddhi Singh, Social Entrepreneur, Young Environmentalist & Founder Of Prasiddhi Forest Foundation at Transform India conclave 22.

As a Social Entrepreneur, Young Environmentalist, and Founder of Prasiddhi Forest Foundation, Prasiddhi Singh presented why restoring the forest area is beneficial for reducing carbon emissions. Also, she shared her motivation for starting Prasiddhi Forest Foundation and how she achieved it. In her speech, she warned everyone that the world has reached a point where it must be saved from global warming and carbon emissions: “The world is in desperate need and is facing unprecedented challenges” She concluded her speech by emphasizing the need for us to live together with nature to save the world.

Paralympics swimmer, Aasim received a Special Achievement award at Transform India Conclave 22 at SSVM institution

His courage and strength have always inspired many, born with 90% disabilities in his limbs, Muhammed Aasim was a fighter from the very beginning. While receiving the special achievement award at Transform India Conclave 22 at SSVM institution, he amazed the audience with his wit and joyous nature. He was recognized by the Kerala state government and the Netherlands government for his achievements. The 16-year-old Paralympics swimmer talked about the hurdles and obstacles that one must overcome to achieve success in their dreams.

Harun Robert, Indian Professional Artist, Youtube, And Tv Personality shared his choices and decisions he made in life. As he shared his life experience, he explained how he discovered his passion for art and he stressed the importance of the following passion in one’s life “You are not gonna last very long if you have pursued something just for career growth, you need to enjoy it, you need to get some satisfaction out of it”. Robert encouraged the audience to never be afraid to follow their passions and suggested that passion and dreams were essential to success.“When you are passionate about something you give in everything you have, when you give in everything you have, you start becoming better at it you start becoming good at it.” During his speech, he emphasized that passionate people are good at what they do, and that will help them to acquire numerous opportunities “Nobody quits what they are good at”.

Chetan Bhagat, Indian author, columnist, and Youtuber gave the Inspirational Guru Awards to the teachers who got selected and honored for their tireless service to the future of society, based on nominations for specific categories to shine the limelight on the efforts teachers put in to make lives better. The Teachers are recognized and honored for their inspiring work in teaching. The recipient of the inspiration; guru awards were Mr. Abishek Mathur, Dr. S.Amudha Lakshmi, Ms. Anjana Sudhakaran, Ms. Vini Bhatia, Ms. S Bhuvaneswari, Mr. Dayanandan S, Dr.Deepa.S, Ms. Dhanya M, Dr. Lynette Johnson, Mr. Hariharan J S, Mr. John Pradeep J L, Dr. KayatriDevy A, Ms. Leela Baskaran, Ms. Mirrunalini J, Ms. Pourselvi R, Ms. Preeti Prabhas, Ms. Priyalatha G, Ms. Priyanka Ghosh Jesuraj, Mr. Sathish J, Ms. Vijayakumari R, Ms. Selvanayagi V, Ms. Shanu Sharma, Mr. Bhavanishankar Subramaniam, Mr. V Sai Surya Chandra, Ms. Vaijayanthi S.

Nakul Shenoy, Sorcerer Supreme & Indian Mentalist performing at the Transforming India Conclave 22.

Nakul Shenoy is THE MIND READER – a sought-after corporate speaker and mystery entertainer based in Bangalore, India. This acclaimed mentalist is the author of Smart Course in Magic and a multi-faceted personality: a communication scientist, a design consultant with patents, a user researcher, and a critical thinker. He performed some tricks using his technique and impressed the audience with his expertise in reading minds.

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