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25 Feb 2024, Edition - 3148, Sunday

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From Engineer to Author- A struggling tale



Coimbatore: Inba Vignesh, an upcoming author talked to Covai Post on how he started his journey as an author. The writer takes us through the trials faced during the nascent days while climbing up the ladder of success.

Q. You don multiple hats but how can Inba Vignesh be defined in one line?

A. Umm! A struggling author is how I would describe myself in one line.

Q. What made you to choose writing after having studied for Engineering?

A. There are so many failed engineers in our country and 2010 was a very big year in my life since it was my final year. I was clueless on what to do next. Being an occasional writer there was a story in my mind with some of my works already being published in school magazines. Then came the moment when I thought a story has to be told that was on my mind for more than a decade and that’s how it all began.

Q. Your first novel is titled as Law of Jiluk. What does the term Jiluk mean?

A. It’s for beginners. ‘Jiluk’ is a word which has no meaning. The word was common in my friend’s circle but over a period of time; people thought I coined this term. I thought why not define the word since there is no meaning for it. If you read the book you can see how it caught the attention of people. Everybody started associating me with the term so I thought maybe I can weave a story by telling the meaning of the word.

Q. Tell us in brief about Law of Jiluk?

The book is all about finding the meaning of the word Jiluk. There are so many words like Kusumbu which only Coimbatoreans know so I thought why we can’t coin a word and give a meaning to it. That was the whole idea behind writing ‘The Law of Jiluk’.

Q. How was the feeling when you saw your First Book in stores?

A. It was a big struggle. My book was rejected by 18 publishers before being finally published by Lead Start based out of Mumbai. The struggle itself was very long and all through I evolved myself. I had this mad belief that my story could reach the world. This publishing house gave wings to my dreams. The book launch happened on December 27th, 2014 at Fun Mall and it was a pure bliss. Can’t express my feelings in words. Since I was not a very keen reader I had no idea how to go about writing a book but now when I look back it feels good.

Q. Did you change anything when rejected by publishers?

A. Before sending it to the publishers I sent my work to critics who gave me a negative feedback. They even asked me to change the climax of the story. I went with my instincts and kept the climax which was ultimately appreciated by everyone. He gave me suggestions on language and grammar which I humbly accepted. So there were no changes done by me in the book.

Q. Youngsters of today start writing well but they lose their way in the middle. What could be the reason?

A. Most of them who pick the pen they think they are to become next JK Rowling or Chetan Bhagat. This thought is a very grave mistake done by beginners because we need to understand one thing- If a writer writes to earn he can never come up with good stuff; even if he manages to sell it somehow it won’t do justice to the readers. This is why they lose interest. I have met authors who have done well in their First book but after that they lose track. These things just happen and it’s a long process.

Q. What message do you have for budding writers?

Only if you are passionate about good stories and writing can you succeed as an author. Focus on Story and don’t look into money and fame. You are the creator of your story and cannot be judged by someone else. Stick to your ideas until you feel they are not required. You need to tell people about your thoughts and not what everybody thinks already.

Q. What do you think about the copyright issues which has been bothering the creators for a while?

A. Plagiarism is everywhere. According to my research the amount of piracy that takes place for book is huge. Six out of Ten books are pirated. Beginners should not be worried because people don’t have time to flick stories just like that. They initially target well-known authors so 99% of the problem is solved and once its published, the publishing company signs a contract which gives you ownership of your work.

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