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23 Aug 2019, Edition - 1501, Friday

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Mother, The Universal God On Earth

Covai Post Network

The Mother…
That strong delicate creation,
Of God being unsatisfied,
With all his colossal universe,
Flora, fauna and his master piece

The Homo Sapiens;
To substitute his presence,
His care, concern and selfless love,
For the micro and macro organisms,
From the tiniest ants to the,
Brobdingnagian omnivorous dinosaurs;
To replace his absence with everyone,
Born to procreate, and nurture selflessly,
Those divine replicas of the Almighty

On earth, sacrificing all their blood and nourishment,
To a single drop of the father’s strength,
To enliven it with a beautiful form,
With all her vitality and vigor;
Encircling it with all her physique,
Neglecting her vital statistics,

Inconsiderate of her own self with,
Paramount importance to the bearer;
Patiently and carefully crossing the gestation,
As a living incarnation of Mother earth;
With no other thought except of,
The little life growing inside eagerly,

Transferring her food, nutrition and oxygen,
Along with her thoughts and emotions,
Herself left back anaemic and namby-pamby;
With all the burden carrying along,

Tearing her own flesh to,
Bring out the new life on this earth,
Transmuting even her last drop of blood,
Into the nourishing food for the infant,
An exhausted housekeeping chef,
A toiling farmer in boggy fields,
Or a struggling labourer laying roads
Yet nurturing the innocent life
With utmost love and care,

The very first to welcome the dawn,
In spite of hugging the bed after everyone,
Waking up in the middle of the night,
To the slightest alarm calls of the infant;

To satisfy its hunger with all her
Dog-tired physique half asleep,
Enjoying her routines claiming all her energy,
Renouncing herself bone-tired;

All for the happiness of her satisfaction,
Of upbringing her children devotedly,
With a healthy body and mind,
To lead a clean life in a contaminated world,
Being the lovingly caring mother,
First and best ever multi cuisine chef,
A strict and disciplined tutor,

With worried eyes awaiting the
Safe return of the entire family to the nest;
With hallucinations surrounding her
Of the voices of her beloved ones,
Of the longing ears awaiting the ISD call;
An ardent supporter during testing times,

Incomparable handy talented beautician,
Whose significance we women know
Only on losing our locks post delivery,
All that care and maintenance we had
From our mothers in cultivating
Those beautiful locks of nourishment!

Not resting even after the establishment
Of the children’s families,
Toiling to prepare the pickles,
Flours and the special spicy masalas,
Transferring her cooking secrets
To ensure her children’s appetite satisfied;
Leaving behind her first child named spouse,
With no other option to take over,

The new charge as the midwife
In her children’s delivery;
For the demanding grand children,
Baby sitting, back to square one,
Sacrificing her sleep for her children’s;
An effective all rounder she is;
With the prior experience of having moulded,
A grown up adamant child called

Thus sacrificing her entire life and blood
For the entire family with the satisfaction
Of their happiness stands the
Unselfish universal God on earth,
Unbounded by nationality, religion, caste and creed,
Blessing us endlessly with all her loving heart forever called

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