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19 Apr 2024, Edition - 3202, Friday

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Navigating the Career Spectrum: Guiding Students to Success in the 21st Century

Santosh Avvannavar


In the evolving landscape of career planning, discussions about one’s professional journey are now beginning to take place at the school level, a departure from the traditional focus on college or university. Today’s 21st-century children are characterized by their curiosity, inclination to explore, and willingness to experiment in the realms of education and careers. Recognizing the importance of guiding them on a pathway to success, MG School for Excellence in Bengaluru took the initiative to host a special event titled “Career Spectrum.” This event aimed to provide invaluable insights and information to parents and students in grades 10–12 by bringing together experts from various fields.

Ms. Deepa Pillai, a psychologist based in Bengaluru, played a pivotal role in the event. She presented an array of educational domains that students could pursue at the higher education level. Additionally, she recommended the use of psychometric assessments for students who find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to higher education and the potential career paths they could explore.
Santosh Avvannavar, a STEM enthusiast, addressed the prevalent misconceptions surrounding prestigious institutions like IITs and top universities. His presentation imparted valuable insights, emphasizing the importance of identifying one’s “purpose” in life, whether or not one gains admission to these elite institutions.

The event also featured alumni from diverse backgrounds who shared their personal experiences and insights related to opportunities in the fields of medicine, finance, and the gaming industry.

Mr. Gurukishan, a parent, shared his personal journey and experiences with regard to the skills that the school instilled in his children. Several teachers also shared their perspectives on career choices based on their own children’s career paths.

In addition to the expert presentations and alumni insights, the “Career Spectrum” event offered a hands-on experience for students and parents alike. Faculty members set up informative stalls that showcased a wide array of streams, subject choices, and diverse career opportunities. These stalls provided a vibrant and interactive environment where attendees could explore and gain deeper insights into various academic disciplines and potential career paths. Whether it was a glimpse into the sciences, humanities, arts, or vocational fields, the stalls were instrumental in helping students make informed decisions about their academic pursuits, fostering a holistic understanding of the diverse possibilities that lay ahead on their journey to success.

Moreover, during Session 2, various universities provided insights into the post – Class 10 & 12 academic journey. An in-house student panel and faculty members elucidated how the curriculum at ISC equips students to prepare for a wide range of competitive examinations.
The driving force behind the “Career Spectrum” event were Ms. Jean Samuel George, the Principal, and Ms. Vidya, the Administrator of the school. They recognized the need to provide students and parents with a comprehensive and diverse range of insights and information to pave the way for successful careers in an ever-changing world.

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