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25 Jun 2022, Edition - 2538, Saturday

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On making the workplace exciting



When trendy attires of even a couple of years turn outdated in this globalised world of fashion, its remains a wonder how age old strict rules of work culture fit in well in the Internet era. The message is not mere fun at workplace, but a happy friendlier atmosphere that makes the job profile an enjoyable one. As goes the saying…`All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

The present day job profile calls for a person to spend nearly three-fourths of the day at the workplace. In the process of putting forth their best possible efforts to the best of their ability amid their peers to prove themselves, life becomes dragging, nagging, monotonous, irritating, and stressful, turning aimless at some point.

With most of the awaken time spent at the workplace that should be a place where both the employer and the employee will like to cherish to be. It is all about an innovation to convert the workplace lively without elevating stress levels for both the employer and the employees, adding a flavour of excitement.

Allowing suggestions and ideas from everyone makes all involved in the planning fun which neither consumes money nor time, but creates great impact on the entire staff. It gives good returns of commitment from the entire team. Remember, little things always make the best.

A business’ flexibility in adapting to change and market dynamics will mark the winners and losers in this fast – changing Internet Age!” – Michael Dell.

Now, here are a few magical gimmicks.

*A positive attitude towards work as a team

*Appreciating colleagues for their achievements

*Appraisal through rewards even if achievements are small.

*Sharing or bringing food for co-workers or planning a Jacob’s join at least once a month

*Scheduling fun through light hearted games at least once a week to break the monotony and bring down stress levels

*Organising family get togethers and picnics with co-workers

*Changing office scenario from inside the concrete structure to a lawn or picnic can have a great output. Fresh air induces fresh innovative thoughts with the net result being an awesome outcome.

*Friendly competitions to boost motivations in a healthy way.

In short, the scenario must aid the employers and employees to comment “Wow, it’s a Monday!” Not “Oh no, It’s a Monday again!” Why complicate and create demotivating stress thrusting down the work when the output can be begotten in a work-friendly manner?

After all, life is all about living and letting others too to live happily. Working hard and earning money is to lead a light life. Why spend this short time worrying unncessarily when earning can be made in a light hearted way? Happy working atmosphere best outputs!

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own.

(The author of the column is Uma Ram, freelance writer from Coimbatore)

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