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28 Jun 2022, Edition - 2541, Tuesday

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You are what you think you are : You are a soldier

Dr. Sylendra Babu


Life on earth is warfare. Therefore you be a soldier.

Life is difficult, and it can also be complex. But you can make it simple if you understand its laws. One of the timeless laws of life is to become a soldier to face the life’s various battles.

As a citizen soldier, have to fight your wars. And you have to fight the war from many fronts. Some are;

• Health warfare – food, exercise, rest, meditations.
• Happiness warfare – passionate job, healthy relationships, action.
• Financial warfare – financial independence, passive income, learning.
• Relationship warfare – mutual trust, mutual help, synergy.
• Family warfare – love for partner, for children, for family.
• Contribution warfare – great achievements, impact you create, gift to next generation.

Each warfare can be likened to a spoke of the wheel. Only if each spoke is equally long and strong does the wheel of life roll smoothly. Otherwise, it would break down and come to a grinding halt.

I encourage you to be a fighter in life because today’s world is a harsh place. The old world was harsher. More than 99 per cent of the species on earth have become extinct. But our species survived because our ancestors defended them against the predators. Only the fittest people have survived, and this they did because they fought the dangers of the forest like foot soldiers. We are the descendants of those successful people on earth.

Till very recently wars were fought between countries. Even now proxy wars are waged against our motherland. You may member 26/11 attack on Mumbai and many such attacks and the cross-border terrorism even after that. You may be called upon to defend our nation for which you should prepare yourself. NCC cadets in college are the next line of defence. Be ready to put your life on the line of defending our motherland.

Many wars are fought in the turfs of your heart. They are being fought for the control of your mind over matter. Controlling our desires requires supreme ability of self- control. Control over eating, mating, drinking, speaking, spending and computer gaming are critical to a soldier. In fact, the toughest wars are fought with the brains.

In modern warfare, weapons are entirely different. They are your education, training and your attitude. A very high quality education will make you a world citizen, a great standard of training will make you the rock star, and a very high level of inter personal skill will make you a world leader.

You are the country’s illusions son. You have the responsibility to defend yourself and our great nation. Therefore, be a modern soldier.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own

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