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12 Jul 2020, Edition - 1825, Sunday

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  • 2 labourers were injured after Pakistan’s Army fired to stop civilian bunker construction in Karnah, LOC.
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3 Signs That You Might Be Settling In Your Relationship


Relationships are no easy drive. I mean, first there is this whole thing about finding the right person and all that jazz. And then even when you seem to have found the right person to date or be in a relationship with, sometimes things get tough. Things aren’t always what they seem and that takes a toll on you. Because at times, there are certain moments in some relationships where you feel like you are not as happy as you would want or are capable of being. That’s when you start wondering if you are settling for something and not getting what you deserve.

Here are some pointers to help you figure if you really are settling in a relationship.

You have doubts about him and your compatibility together

If you ever catch yourself wondering “if he had been just a little more this or a little less that” then maybe you aren’t really in it for who he really is and might just be settling. Worse is when you have to justify his bad behavior, compare him to your ex, or even have to weigh the pros and cons.

You are unhappy but scared to call it off

If you think about calling it off but then brush off the idea because of the amount of time, effort and memories that have gone into this relationship then you may want to give yourself a reality check. You shouldn’t be in a relationship because you are simply scared to be alone.

You feel resentful but you brush the feeling off

If even the little things bother you a lot and become huge fights, and you feel unsatisfied or inadequate most of the time, then you my friend need to re-consider this relationship.

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