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24 Oct 2020, Edition - 1929, Saturday

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Health & Lifestyle

3 Ways To Find That Work-Life Balance


Sometimes it gets really hard to manage all the different aspects of life. With the amount of effort that our jobs demand sometimes it is hard to find time for other things in life such as friends, family, love life, you-time. But the problem is, not being able to find time for these things is also problematic because then your life becomes all about your job, and therefore you tend to become unhappy. But there are ways you can make sure you find a work-life balance. Here are some tips.

Cut out things that waste your time

Sometimes even at work we tend to waste a lot of time. Maybe we take a longer than necessary break or get carried away by online browsing. Think about it this way, the sooner you wrap up work, the earlier you can get home.

Re-distribute your chores

When online shopping, wrap up grocery shopping and other errands that need doing so that you have more time for yourself after work and during weekends. The internet isn’t just a source of FOMO, you can get so much work done online.

Make a schedule and stick to it

If you be strict and draw up a schedule for yourself to set in work hours, exercise, and down-time, you will be more disciplined and sooner or later it will become a habit. Make small changes like leaving office on time and slowly it will become a regular thing. Even taking small breaks for yourself leaves you refreshed so add those tiny breaks during weekdays. Wake up earlier than your usual time so you can breakfast with the family. Little things make huge changes.

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