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17 Apr 2024, Edition - 3200, Wednesday

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A Trip to Kodaikanal With Friends

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My friends and I have just started working with a corporate company in Coimbatore. Balancing jobs and personal life has proven out to be more robust than they show in the movies. It has been exhausting and time feels like its just fleeting. We were all out drinking one day, and we realized that it felt like one seems to lose sight of what is essential and forgets to stay grounded in this corporate world. We had all been working very hard, but we were never content with what we were doing. The money was good, but we felt like rats running around trying to keep up. My friend Varun came up with the idea of taking a short trip. We all jumped on it instantly. The planning and organizing duties were left to me.

My friend’s dad owned a resort in Kodaikanal, so we decided to go there. It seemed like a serene place and was very close to where we stayed so that we could be back in time for work on Monday. So we decided to rent a car from Savaari Car Rentals in Coimbatore for a comfortable trip . We all played our favourite songs and sang along on the way. We bonded over our college stories and discussed how much we’ve grown over time. It helped us reconnect with the human selves that we seemed to have forgotten. We reached the resort at 6 in the morning and decided to rest for a while from the car ride. We had planned to take a hike around the gorgeous lake that sits in the beautiful hills. Along the walk, we sometimes talked, sang along or just disappeared for a while into nature. It was a truly moving experience. It almost made us miss our carefree days when taking a vacation didn’t seem like such a luxury.

We went back to the resort to unwind, relaxed and ate delicious food. The next morning we visited the gorgeous Bear Shola Falls. My friends and I love swimming, so we decided to come back and stay in the hotel swimming pool for the rest of the afternoon. We had drinks, danced and had a lot of fun at the pool. As the time to go back came closer, I was getting sadder at the thought of going back to work in that nine to five routine again. We did not want to leave this pretty hill station for the city. The hills had some form of magic that they just dissolved all our worries and made us feel young again. The lake was a true wonder, even though human-made it was a sparkling beauty as though nit-picked by the lord himself. The greens all around soothed my soul and made me feel so light and breezy. It was truly a changing experience.

Planning a trip to Kodaikanal isn’t a difficult task as well. Everything is easily accessible via the internet nowadays that booking a hotel can be done in seconds. Try booking through trusted websites so that your stay is comfortable. If you’re travelling from Coimbatore, book a reliable cab from Coimbatore to Kodaikanal with Savaari. Food and other necessities should be very easily accessible since Kodai is a tourist place. Visit the lake for sure and try taking a hike or cycling if you prefer that. Rowing is also an option in the lake and rowboats can be hired to do so.

I guess in our busy lives we often forget about the importance of little things such as sitting down and talking to a friend. In this rushed world, even a smile from a stranger can make a big difference. It becomes so important to stay grounded and hold your head high at the same time. Taking a vacation with friends, however, mundane it might sound is a big thing if you are looking for a change. Sometimes we might not realize when it all builds up, but we need a break, to take a step back and think over your life. This trip has helped me realize that if I stay in Corporate, I will be unhappy forever as this job was not meant for me. My heart was in the wrong place. I decided to quit my job and work with an organization that will help me grow. I am still young and can take a few risks before I have to settle into something so binding and soul-crushing. Even though this trip was short, it changed my life. I will forever be indebted to Kodi for helping me appreciate the beauty of small things in life. We are here for a short time. We thought we might as well make the most of it.

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